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    Tally Ho - Rebuilding a 107 year old sailing yacht!!

    Watching Leo's latest video, I was reminded of this post. He was doing a presentation on the project to the Royal Ocean Racing Club and addressed this very matter, as he gets asked about it a lot. Apparently most wooden boats were designed and built to have most parts replaced periodically as...
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    We bought a house to fill with hand made furniture

    I assume he'll furnish and video the second house before he moves in, sell the old stuff, or just store it in the commercial property he uses for filming?
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    We bought a house to fill with hand made furniture

    I admit, when I first saw the videos and blog posts, it does sound like he has SOOOOOO many subscribers and paying WWMC customers that he can now afford to buy workshops and custom-built studios and houses to furnish... But watching his latest Vlog, where he buys a mower from a car boot sale...
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    Handed-ness of doors

    This was dismissed in George Silver's treatises of 1598 wherein and whereupon he reminded readers that, for centuries, the simple right-handed way to overcome such a situation was to advance under a Hanging Guardant, thus wide-spacing the owner's own sword and keeping your own space narrow...
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    .22 bicycle gun.

    I'm gonna guess that you are not qualified or even authorised to dispose of a firearm in a legally correct manner, though. That would probably come bite you on the buttocks later on. Here is what the Lancashire Police have to say about it: "What do I do if I unexpectedly come into possession of...
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    Plane recommendation for beginner

    From reading a bit about it, I believe they were 'mostly' ready, but may have required minor tweaking and perhaps resharpening to a different angle, depending on the preferences and requirements of the individual craftsman. Of course you'd need to know some basics at least, and as an apprentice...
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    Plane recommendation for beginner

    Personally, that's why I like places like Tooltique and our local antiques place - Old kit that someone far more knowledgable than me has already restored and fettled, so I get to know what it should be like first and then learn to maintain it as I go... while still having enough pocket money...
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    Small Chinese Diesel Heaters

    Friend of mine uses a large diesel heater in his garage (professional mechanic) and they have no problems with rust, despite there being tools and bare metal all over the place. His is big enough that you'd think it came off a jet fighter, though...
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    I think you mean "Dog Kennels", sir.... :lol: We recently got a Futon Company sofabed. Nothing special, just wooden frame with a standard 2-person shikibuton futon on the top. Bloody comfy, I have to say and far better than the fancy mattress the wiff bought!!
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    Work trousers - not baggy ones! Any suggestions?

    Not in this area of interest, you don't... That 'patina' is how you end up with things like typhoid and cholera. You should read The Lancet a bit more often, I think... "Working"? Ohhhh, you mean like my valet? Har har, I almost fell for that one, eh!!! You cunning swine!! =D>
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    Work trousers - not baggy ones! Any suggestions?

    Surely the thing to do is get an old pair of pre-war overalls and restore them to pristine condition? :lol:
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    Work trousers - not baggy ones! Any suggestions?

    The problem with a lot of work trousers, especially ones based around combats or cargo pants, is that big pockets require baggy legs... and these are usually designed to be worn with thermal liners (proper ones, not thin longjohn types), so again will be baggy.... and they're designed for heavy...
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    Plane recommendation for beginner

    Another that is good for reconditioned kit, but still with the patina of history is Tooltique I've had quite a few bits from them and they've always been fantastic.
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    Help to check if an online store is real

    Company registration number is also required, is easier to check and has more information like director names and addresses, accounts, charges, etc. Companies House has this listing for their given number:
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    How do you use your card scraper?

    If it's pull only, can you not simply turn it around and push.....? :)
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    Oak parquet ex Tower of London, 50 blocks, FTAGH

    Congrats Moony - Be sure to make something cool out of that history, and post pics here!!
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    True poor man bench.

    Chop off the legs one inch at a time until it's no longer too high. That's about it, really. Purely personal taste. "Probably"...? I'd say that's pretty much guaranteed!!
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    Miniature bottles

    I'd have thought it to be a very young lad thing, personally... or maybe just a social class thing common to those travelling on a budget, or frequently holidaying in Brit tourist traps, wherein raiding hotel mini-bars is the custom? Most of those my age and older seem to have the money for full...
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    Written off

    That's where you get a decent mechanic to check it, including driving it themselves if possible. Cat C or D is generally fixable. It just means it's likely not safe to drive right now. It's only Cat A or B that are complete write-offs. ... write-off/...
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    House purchase, sewer under house

    Yup, still Section 24. Basically from the point where the connection is shared by more than one 'defined property' (one house, one block of flats, etc). There are many other little oddities in terms of classification too, and we have a whole handbook dedicated to navigating our way around those...