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    Axminster TS-200?

    The TS200 is my first proper table saw so i can't give any comparisons. However I have now used it a fair bit and I'm reasonably pleased with it. Biggest plus is the size. It is small enough to make into a combined router table and saw bench on a mobile base that can act as more work surface...
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    Routing Aluminum - DIY T-Slot Track

    I wouldn't like to try it and certainly not without it swimming in lubricant. How hard your ali is can make a big difference. Try putting one end in an engineers vice and bending the bar to 90 deg. If it snaps it might be hard enough to machine. If it bends perfectly it is pretty soft and more...
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    Band cramps

    I'm guessing these work the same as luggage lashings that i use on the roof rack. Took me a while to realise the process to release them easily. The main lever that you tighten with has a ratchet. release that and move the lever to a comfortable position where you can add more tension. let go of...
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    Where can i get an elastic band from for a clock ?

    Just buy a thin O ring that is too long, cut it with a stanley blade to the right length and then superglue to join.
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    My New Invention - Please let me know what you think

    searching google I found this same post copy and pasted in a couple of other places one of which later deleted it as spam. maybe cynical but just wondering if the OP really wants feedback or just want cheap advertising exposure.
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    how to cut sheet stainless steel - Done it!

    A good quality fine metal cutting jig saw blade should do it. Having a backing board behind it that you cut at the same time is a good idea. Don't cut it dry. Spray WD40 on the cut line and frequently on the blade whilst cutting. Expect that you may need to change the blade even using a quite...
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    Garden table and chairs ideas, plans?

    Doesn't come under 'table and chairs' but these these didn't cost me much. They have just had their first winter under green plastic covers in the garden and I'm pleasantly surprised to say both the cheap Toolstation Yacht varnish and the PU glue joints are all in good order :) Just spent the...
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    SketchUp Woes...... More help please! (pretty please :) )

    Note to self - don't answer by guesswork :)
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    SketchUp Woes...... More help please! (pretty please :) )

    The videos are done in the paid for pro version. As you are starting to discover the beauty of components is that you can draw a new object on top of an existing one without the geometry getting connected and bound together. Bit like drawing one thing on one layer in autocad and then the next...
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    SketchUp Woes...... More help please! (pretty please :) )

    Just watched your first link Dave. That is exactly how I go about things too. I don't often copy a component out for editing but think I may do it more in the future. I don't use the offset tool much either and think that is something else I'll be using more now. Thanks for posting that. I'll...
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    capacitor goes bang

    Farnell list a 20uF 450V AC capacitor for about £7. Someone that knows about motor capacitorss should confirm it is the right one before you order :) Capacitors do fail quite regularly but are often self healing - the bit that shorts out burns away and it carries on working.... but not always.
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    Router table top

    Think you were just lucky with Homebase. I looked before making my table and they were £25 and £35. I went with just a bit of kitchen worktop. Not too big a job to replace it if ever necessary. So far so good.
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    Which Oak?

    I went from Autocad at work to sketchup for home projects and it is a painful transition :) The hardest thing to get your head around is not to use layers in sketchup. Work with 'components' instead. Took a lot of head scratching to get into sketchup but I wouldn't go back to autocad for home...
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    Which Oak?

    I've just bought some American white Oak from E Roberts on the north circular in Edmonton. £27+ per cu ft. They also have 9mm A/B (veneered both sides, one good one good enough) AWO veneered ply in 4mm and 9mm. I bought 1 9mm sheet for £23+. I bought 1" sawn board but they said they had PAR as...
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    need to replace the drive belt on my Perform - confused!

    RS do a lot of drive belts. They have the section dimensions as well so you can use that to find which type it is. ... 4294653154
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    Free wood. - more added

    Too late for free wood again :) Alex kindly gave me a scroll saw for free and I have put it to good use. He wanted shot of it because he had to keep moving it about. I have a home planned for it but not got round to it yet so I seem to be moving about a lot too :) Think I saw that large plank...
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    Rutlands 3" and 4" Castors 'On Offer'

    Just been out to double check and they do lock the swivel. Well they attempt to :) . The way it does it means that it can be overcome by a little force. The brake on the wheel is positive though. I mistyped wheel and my spell checker suggested it should be whelk... was quite tempted to accept it :)
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    Rutlands 3" and 4" Castors 'On Offer'

    I've used a few of the toolstation 100mm ones recently. They do lock swivel and wheel rotation when the brake is on. Oh and the quality is pretty good too. + free delivery over £10 of course :) edit this one - ... 036/p31614
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    Table saw question

    I'd be interested by any replies on technique too. My saw is only an Axi TS200 but cutting largish boards I notice the edge wandering away from the fence a little. I can steer it back in line and back to the fence but the wander is noticeable when the cut edge is against the fence for a second...
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    Blister has a few questions , and something to ask

    I help moderate on talkphotography. It is a much bigger forum than this one with lots of sections and an active for sale section. 90+% of the moderation work is in policing the for sale section. There are lots of rules but all of them are common sense things such as are getting mentioned in this...