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    Record 405

    For Sale: Record 405 Multiplane with all accessories Wed 5th Jun '24 Advert ID: 43685 Tools & Parts (Small tooling) Old...
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    Computer confusion....

    If you want to travel further down a rabbit hole press F12 (for developer tools) on your laptop when in the browser. Then try and view the page. Various tabs at the top wil tell you information. On a good web page the console tab will have no Red lines, if they do it is an error. The trouble...
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    I just want a nice METRIC ONLY comination square

    Shinwa carpenters square with stopper work for you? This doesn't do exactly 300m on the long edge though. I think a different variant does, but they are sold out at the moment...
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    First attempt at sand casting antlers

    Looks good. What sand are you using? My son and I have just starting mucking around with a charcoal furnace to melt aluminium, but other than creating a few billets have yet to cast anything. Ideally we would use green sand, but it's not easy to get hold of small amounts.
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    Gluing glass

    Thanks for the responses. Sorry, I've been away for a bit so didn't reply earlier. I think he tried the UV glue but it didn't work, as the thick glass blocked the UV. However, as glass doesn't block all UV, perhaps leaving it a longer time might work. The heritage putty looks to remain slightly...
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    Gluing glass

    Thanks. Unfortunately any flexibility is a no-no as there is nothing physical in the design to prevent racking, so I don't think any silicone variants will work. Fishtanks have sidewalls which I assume do the bracing so flexible mastics can work (and the flexibility copes with temperature...
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    Gluing glass

    My father had a magazine/book rack made of glass which has fallen apart after many years and he wants to stick it back together, but is struggling to find a suitable glue. It's a relatively simple design, 3 uprights and 1 horizontal sheet. Think a H with a central vertical rising from the cross...
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    Record 52 1/2 Vice - Part spec required

    3/16 Whitworth is correct if the age of the vice is the same as mine. Record Vice re-fitting - screws missing
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    Email account has been hacked.

    If you are on a computer and you do get an email you aren't expecting(*) then you can view the sender information to see who sent it. In Pauls' example above click the arrow next to his name to get the header information. If the email doesn't come from a recognisable company domain(**) then it...
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    Bandsaw / Dust Cart

    I like this idea. I have a Lidl Wet/Dry vacuumn with power take off I use for my dust extraction, and it spends its time getting in the way. My bandsaw is set on my bench at the moment so moving it off would be good. I can carefully capture and release two birds with one stone with this...
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    Record 52 1/2E vice overhaul

    A quick brush and oil should be enough. If you do decide to take it apart, keep the various fxings somewhere safe, preferably back in the holes they came out of. Or you may lose them and they are not easy to replace. Not that I would know about these things...(thanks to 9fingers again). Record...
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    Advice on loading above tree roots

    Thanks for the feedback, an sorry to open a can of worms! The 'tree' is an acer palmatum, and a quick look at the RHS website suggests they can grow up to 8m, but usually in the 1-2m bracket. I will say this one grew quite quickly once a nearby shrub had been removed but has been at the 4m...
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    Advice on loading above tree roots

    This might be better directed at another forum, in which case, point away please :) In my front garden I have a 4m high Acer growing in my front garden. The trunk, which splits quickly, is about 10-15cm wide and is growing about 60cm away from the front wall of the house. A light layer of...
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    A sad and salutary tale

    Perform a static risk assessment first. What's the normal chances of people tripping over, and are there any compounding factors? If there are put in appropriate mitigations to reduce the risk. For tripping. Cables on the floor? Move them. People wearing slippers? Have signs and enforce that...
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    A sad and salutary tale

    Nope, that is why they are called Road Traffic Incidents these days. You have changed the scenario a little here, in that there are now multiple humans and deadly machines involved. You may not be the one failing to recognise/flaunt appropriate risks but someone was. In this case the vehicle on...
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    WiFi help/ county broadband.

    To add to the tsunami of info. I also run Ubiquiti kit, an LR (Long Range) and a Lite. While technically there is some difference between the two, I'm not noticing it. They also do a pro version which can handle more connections. I installed mine a few years ago and they have generally worked...
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    Sharp radius bends in plywood

    Thanks. I did vaguely think about making one, but I have a very long tuit list and I even if I did build one I probably would just get annoyed with it. Having looked at the price of veneer presses I won't be buying one in a hurry either.
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    Sharp radius bends in plywood

    How do they do it? A design website was touting a office carry-tote for your laptop and office stuff for hot desking. As someone who is being encouraged to return to such an environment on a more regular basis it tickled my fancy, until I saw the £175 price tag. Gustav Original I will be...
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    Repairing a rendered wall

    Just looked that up. Yep, seems worse than bamboo, if perhaps less destructive. "The creeping rhizomes of this pernicious plant may go down as deep as 2m (7ft) below the surface, making them hard to remove by digging out, especially if they invade a border. They often enter gardens by spreading...
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    Repairing a rendered wall

    I have a lot of bamboo that was planted by previous owners. Over lockdown I got my exercise by digging out the spreading rhizomes. Some had travelled over 10m underneath gravel and root barrier and then punched it's way up. It had also punched it's way through builders plastic sheet that had...