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    Digital or Rotary phase converter

    Thanks bc again chaps. Sadly my bc quite to get three phase power connected here was in excess of £500,000 which is clearly a non starter. They needed to bring it 600m underground down a couple of lanes, revamp the transformer and add another substation supposedly. @deema if there is anyway...
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    Digital or Rotary phase converter

    Thanks for the replies chaps. Looking at possibly buying some reasonably high end (from bc a complexity standpoint) bits of three phase woodworking machinery that contain various electronics. Been told that the quality of the phase converter output needs to be very stable for these to work...
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    Digital or Rotary phase converter

    Hi Rob. Did you ever end up putting in a phase converter? In a similar situation and looking at JFK too. Thanks
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    Be very interested in anything you find out. Please post it. Many thanks
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    Going to Boston, USA

    Would highly recommend the drive up to LN from Boston if you have the time. Lovely venue. They used to do a tour of the manufacturing facility but not sure that is still running. Either way they have a show room that you can try their different hand tools in. You also have the Centre for...
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    Woodworking courses

    I can recommend Our Courses - Ian Parker
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    Woodworking courses ~ any good ones?

    Been on one of his courses which was excellent. Take a look at his website and IG feed to get a good feel
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    Resources on drawing furniture by hand

    You could take a look at this. A most excellent three days
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    Drawing software.

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    Power sculpting/carved furniture

    Agree about the style of Paul's rocker over Charles Brock's one, although it is more the technique and detail that Brock goes into that I found invaluable. That said I'm sure you'll be fine without it. One thing I forgot to mention is when you get the plans it is well worth popping down to a...
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    Power sculpting/carved furniture

    Hi Adam, I see Brock's set is currently $89 at Highland. Definitely worth it in my mind. Here is the line to Hal Taylor's book: ... or+rocking From memory he recommends against making a chair in cheaper wood, although from memory I can't remember why...
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    Power sculpting/carved furniture

    Hi Adam, My pleasure. I have also bought the rocker plans from Paul but haven't had the chance to start my own rocker. I would say that just doing it with the plans and not some form of guide would have been pretty hard in my opinion and I'm not sure I would have made it through, or at least...
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    Power sculpting/carved furniture

    I've made a couple of Maloof low backed chairs. Not yet tackled a rocker. Presume you have seen the three US guys selling plans/videos. I used Charles Brock's for the low back chair and it was extremely helpful. Also Canadian woodworks on youtube has some great videos. If you have any...
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    Finish recommendation for BlackWalnut and Maple Coffee table

    You could try Osmo white on the Maple. Will help keep its original colour. Osmo raw for the walnut
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    New Free (ish) CAD Software

    I was wondering whether anyone on the forum had explored the CAD software Onshape. It looks pretty interesting, particularly as it looks like it could work on an iPad or phone, and is probably free for most woodworkers who don't have huge requirements. Link is...
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    Cheltenham Furniture and Craftsmanship Show

    Just wondered whether anyone had been this year and there thoughts. Thinking of popping up tomorrow
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    Hollows and Rounds

    I was wondering whether anyone had attempted to make their own hollows and rounds wooden hand planes or if anyone was aware of any sources on the internet/books on how to make one. I know Lie Nielsen sell a dvd on it but wanted to get a good sense of whats involved before buying that. Many thanks
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    Jumbo Body Clamps?

    Thinking of buying some of these from Fine Tools in Germany as opposed to the Besey ones. Just wondered whether anyone had any experience of them and how they compared to the Beseys. Saw someone else asked the same question on a previous post but just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts
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    By hand and eye...

    Just wondering whether anyone had read this book by lost art press and what their thoughts / recommendations were. Also if anyone had any thoughts on the Anarchist'sToolbox too. Many thanks
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    Earlex 5500 HVLP Sprayer

    Hi Skronk, I bought an Earlex 5500 a couple of months ago. I ended up calling Earlex head office and asked if they had any returns. Cant remember the name of the chap who helped me but he was very helpful and hooked me up with a return in perfect condition for a very good price. Might be worth...