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    Sold Makita PJ7000 biscuit jointer very good condition 240V near Aylesbury

    Biscuit Jointer arrived today, extremely well packed so must have taken you a while to pack it. Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
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    Mystery tool again turning chisel ?

    Could it be for stripping bark off logs when still green?
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    labelling wood in your ‘store’

    Try chalk, it comes in many colours so you can pick a colour to show up on different hardwoods.
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    Where to get a Conveyor Belt - 440mm x 970mm - for a jet drum sander?

    Try Axminster - Axminster Trade Conveyor Belt For AT406DS Sander - it's for their equivalent of a 16-32 Jet or Performax sander. I bought one a while back for my Performax sander and it works fine once you get it centred on the feed rollers.
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    Google ad.

    Surely that's an extractor - it sucks in at the front and ejects at the back, needs a pretty strong bin to collect debris though. Alternatively it could be a shredder/chipper type machine to turn offcuts into biomass fuel, but it definitely needs a big workshop to house it.
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    Elu planer thicknesser

    Have a look at Elu Planer Thicknesser | Spare Parts & Spares | Tools and Parts Direct depending on which model you have they may be able to help. hth skelph
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    What type of wood is this?

    +1 for Lauan (often called Philippine Mahogany). I've used it in the past and it is quite soft and easily shaped but is also easily dented.
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    Stanley 50s instructions.

    You'll find a link to a .pdf copy of the instruction leaflet here (picture on bottom right of screen page) Stanley 50 combination plane hth skelph
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    Warding file help.

    Rorschach, try Keyprint Security Ltd they may be able to help you. I used to buy key cutting gear including warding files from them about 30 years ago hth skelph
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    Is this Pitch Pine?

    In my neck of the woods all the old church pews were made of pitch pine which seems to be almost impervious to everything except fire (makes brilliant but expensive kindling!). Many of the really old big houses had pitch pine window lintels on the the inner face of outer walls and these lintels...
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    Running end grain through a thicknesser..

    Jeremy - have a look at this guy's YouTube videos he makes a living from manufacturing endgrain cutting boards - admittedly he uses some machinery costing a lot more than us ordinary mortals can afford - but some of his earlier videos explain how he does...
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    sanding belt supplier?

    Have a look at these sunnybob. Don't know if they ship to Cyprus though. hth skelph
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    Stainless steel rulers.

    powertools, have a look at this site Some time back I bought a set of 2 that they had on special offer. The price was good as was quality. hth skelph
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    Mitre box

    If you don't like the plastic or wooden mitre boxes and don't want to make a bench hook type you can always try one of these - A bit pricey but they work for square cuts and 45deg cuts. There's a bigger (and pricier!) version that does...
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    Nu Tool HS 1500 table saw advice/ Instructions

    Try and click on Download button on left of top menu bar hth skelph
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    help with identifying a router bit profile please

    With the Wealden router cutter you can't change the bearing for a smaller size but Axminster do one with 2 interchangeable bearings hth skelph
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    Elu router spares

    hawkeyefxr Try - ... -parts/url] They might have what you need hth skelph
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    The price of wood

    Fitzroy, Picked up our oak boards from Dave Piercy this morning and the cost worked out at £47 per cu ft for air dried 2" and 2.5" boards. Haven't cut into them yet but they appear to be decent clean boards and off saw surface is pretty smooth. skelph
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    The price of wood

    Hi Fitzroy try at Wells of Ythan (AB54 6BD). He stocks a range of UK species. I'm heading there Friday am to pick up some air dried oak to make some garden benches. hth skelph