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  1. hawkeyefxr

    Forstner bit and aluminium

    I want to do just this only i will be drilling a 10mm hole to accept 10mm acrylic tube ( I am making a manometer for balancing the carburettors on my bike). The ally will be 3/4in square bar and plenty of paraffin will be used. Drilling sheet metal is always dodgy as the bit grabs the metal as...
  2. hawkeyefxr

    Surface plates

    On my second year at college at Croyden we were given a 4in square*3/4 thick bit of mild steel, we had to scrape it till it was flat using engineers blue. The tutor 'kindly' said we could use the mill to start us off, a few took him up on it. Of course removing one side made it bow like a banana...
  3. hawkeyefxr

    What ideas have you had for reducing Electricity consumption

    We got one about two months ago, as you say it is so quick, an inch of water will boil within seconds. Simmering is a breeze as well as it is far easier to control. And all through a 13amp fuse.
  4. hawkeyefxr

    American Fridge Freezer fix or buy another

    As others have said, we have had two now in about 20 years, maybe more and they have been great. Do you have insurance for your appliances? Depends what's gone pop really, the one big thi g is the compressor as it does both fridge and freezer cooling. If the fridge is working-ish as you say it...
  5. hawkeyefxr

    For Sale Vacuum pump and all parts needed.

    Reluctant sale, I just have got enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. Vacuum pump Air con gauges Sacrificial gas bottle empty All leads and gauges show Vacuum pot and lid New unopened vacuum pump oil 2 vacuum bags Small induction oven to harden wood that has been...
  6. hawkeyefxr

    how much energy does a 3Kw oven use?

    Your right about the 13A plug device, we have recently had a hob fitted and it it way more efficient that a gas one. An inch of deep water in a medium saucepan starts to boil in 30 seconds.
  7. hawkeyefxr

    Screw extractors that actually work

    I personally would never as Easy Out, as Spectric says left hand thread and tapered it will just wind in and jam things up. As others have said, for studs weld a nut on the end and fill to the top, let it cool down till warm to touch. In the welding process the stud get hot and transfers heat...
  8. hawkeyefxr

    Oil for Teak outdoor furniture

    We have been given a teak garden table and four chairs, i think it had stood in direct sunlight for a good many years. It is in need of nourishment badly, luckily there are no splits or cracks. I have seen Rustins Teak oil at £54 for 5 litres, or Osmo Teak oil at £23 for 3/4 L I am not looking...
  9. hawkeyefxr

    Safely welding at home

    You would need screens so that neighbours (and animal as previously mentioned) do not get 'arc eye'. I does not take long to get it and someone just standing to the side can get even though they do not look directly at the arc. Believe me it is PAINFUL!!! It's like being blind. If you do start...
  10. hawkeyefxr

    Thread sealants

    Copper slip still exists and is used a lot on car and motorcycle brakes to stop the squelling of the brakes. As someone else said, loctite of many grades. Loctite 413 is good for stopping nuts and bolts from working loose. They also do one that is permanent, you will never get it undone, and I...
  11. hawkeyefxr

    FTAGH Japanese Maple FREE

    I'll take a picture today. It's not very inspiring as the wood is very white and the growth rings do not show much.
  12. hawkeyefxr

    FTAGH Japanese Maple FREE

    I was asked by a friend to cut down an old dead Japanese Maple tree that is around 65 years old. Some of the limbs are split where it has dried out. It is quite dry ranging from 15% to 8% according to my meter, the smaller the limb the drier it is. The Base at about 8in is a little higher. The...
  13. hawkeyefxr

    Adjustable vs Fixed Spanners

    Having nice tools just feels good, a friend of mine has the biggest mixture of spanner and sockets you would believe. Different sizes and types, AF, Whit, Metric. As for Snap On, in the mid 70's i found a Snap On screwdriver in the road, it looked like it had had a hard life, i still have it it...
  14. hawkeyefxr

    Adjustable vs Fixed Spanners

    I am with the spanners use, i always use the right size spanner for the job. That goes for sockets as well but they must be single hex not multi hex as they can round off or badly damage a really tight nut. BUT i have to admit i do have adjustable spanner, two smaller ones and two of the normal...
  15. hawkeyefxr

    aluminium welding advice request

    Some of my Tig Welding was on 8"*1 1/2 thick aluminium and that reflected a lot of heat. I had to pre-heat the metal with a O/A with a mixer head that was about 2in dia. I was covered but any little bit of skin that was exposed would burn. This was in 1975.
  16. hawkeyefxr

    Braze or solder broken cast iron plane sides?

    I have welded cast iron a little years ago, arc weld. It would need some pre heating then welding. To weld it straight off can cause stress and possible cracking later as it cools. Cast is 'dirty metal so i would say silver solder will not take very well as silver solder likes the suraces quite...
  17. hawkeyefxr

    aluminium welding advice request

    I used to weld aluminium as part of my work but only with Tig. My friend at the time was good at gas welding Aluminium but he had a secret, he would wipe a matchstick along the hot ally, this left a black mark one the alloy. When the black mark went away it was at the right temp for welding. I...
  18. hawkeyefxr

    Better option for heat treating than a can of butane?

    Yep this is what i have, a Turbo Torch, i even used this when i worked installing AirCon. Easy use and way better than Butane.
  19. hawkeyefxr

    Drill Sharpening

    My Harry was a good bloke, took time to explain things. When using the surface grinder i wound the workpiece into the revolving stone going the wrong way. There was a bloody great bang like a shotgun and i buggered up the magnetic chuck, he just asked me if i was alright. great bloke.
  20. hawkeyefxr

    Drill Sharpening

    1mm bloody hell!!! Thats a throw away lol