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    FedEx - the most spectacularly incompetent carrier of them all !

    GoPro use UPS, or at least they did last year, and they are truly p1$$ poor. When the delivery fails there's just no way to find out what's going on and, in the case of UPS, no way of speaking to anyone. I was pretty shocked when I looked at the various reviews for them. I've been quite happy...
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    My first MFT bench and remote controlled shop vac

    There's no flap on it, so it's probably a surface plug, as opposed to a surface socket.
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    Insulated feral cat house

    Shame you didn't, then!
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    Router lift compatible with T11

    Yes. I have a T11, purchased specifcally for that reason. I use a Trend router table, but any insert with a hole in the correct place should remove the need for a separate lift. This Trend insert plate would be worth looking at.
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    Arc or Mig welding, very confusing!

    Did a limited amount of stick years ago. I was welding a boat trailer one day when a big lump of spatter landed on the tongue of my trainer (I know! I was young and foolish), leading to my first and only breakdancing performance… 😊 +1 for the MIG welding Forum. Great resource. I see they're...
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    Security cameras

    I share that concern, but I thought I'd just add 4G failover. However, that's easier said than done, or it was in December when I looked at doing so. Even if coverage isn't a problem, I found it almost impossible to find a decent router capable of doing it consistently. I always use Asus...
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    Security cameras

    I've got the Blink system. The Arlo system is supposed to be very good, but the Blink stuff does me. I've found it to be very responsive, but it does rely on having a stable network. +1 for making the place less desirable than others. It works.
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    Router / router table help

    +1 for the cable tie method, but only if using an NVR switch, or it’ll be dangerous.
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    Trend Combination Router Base

    Nice one. Thanks.
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    Any good slae offers around?

    FFX are selling the CRB for £40 incl. VAT, which is a great price, if it's not a mistake.
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    Trend Combination Router Base

    That seems cheap. Have you got a link? Also, if using the jig to cut a circle, ignore the method shown in the video. You need to have some sacrificial material underneath, and use a countersunk machine screw (for additional length) instead of the pin provided. The screw needs to go through...
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    Which random orbit sander?

    The Metabo SXE 450 seems to get great reviews. They do a 125mm version (SXE 425), but haven't seen much written about this model.
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    Trend Combination Router Base

    I've had one for a while now, set up for an OF 1400. Quite happy with the additional stability on edge work, and it's a decent router compass. The only optional extra I'd consider are the extension rods. The micro adjuster doesn't work with the OF 1400, though. I'd agree that it's...
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    Mirka Ceros - sanding utopia.

    I've had the CEROS for a few years, and it's been excellent. I'd advise using a pad saver between the sanding discs and backing pad. Pad savers are about a fiver, so cheaper to replace than the actual backing pad, when the Velcro wears out, which it will.
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    Oxford tracksaw tablesaw help......

    Evening mate. Can't say I've ever noticed a problem with the edge not being square to the face when cutting with the 55.
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    Screw Shopping

    I find it helps to wax the screws. Candles for a few screws, or PTFE spray for larger amounts.
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    Oxford tracksaw tablesaw help......

    I'm in Slough, so not too far from Oxford. You're welcome to come over and take a look at both. It's pretty easy to get perfectly square cuts from a track saw by using rules and rule stops. Cheers Stu
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    which router for a table

    + 1 for the Trend T11. Good sturdy bit of kit.
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    Brexit and woodworking

    Spot on. To be changing the prices on goods already paid for is profiteering at our expense. However, if their payment terms are extended out, then it's a different story, as they'll be impacted by the exchange rate at the time the payment is processed.
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    Abranet discs - best place to source?

    Axminster seemed to have a decent selection last time I looked, as I will be needing some more soon. Rest Express are another big stockist, with probably the biggest selection I've seen.