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    Height adjustment wheel for Sedgwick MB

    Hi all The height adjustment wheel on my Sedgwick MB was broken by couriers on delivery. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks, Andy
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    Startrite 275 starter capacitor

    Great - thank you
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    Startrite 275 starter capacitor

    Hi all The capacitor on my table saw has come disconnected during transit - how can I work out which way round to wire it back up? Thanks, Andrew
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    Startrite 275 table saw starter issue

    Hi I have a Startrite table saw that has an issue with it not always starting properly - sometimes the blade remains stationary whilst I can hear the motor whirring and trying to spin. I can get it to go by turning it off, rotating the blade slightly and turning it back on. Any ideas on how I...
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    What wood?

    Ash is relatively affordable and easy to stain. It's never going to look like actual walnut, but then I'm guessing neither does your fish tank stand as you've already stated it's not real walnut. Alternatively, you could try to convince your wife of the beauty of having more than one wood...
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    Sedgwick MB planer thicknesser lubrication advice sought

    Great - thanks for the advice guys, really appreciated
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    Sedgwick MB planer thicknesser lubrication advice sought

    Hi I've started noticing that the rise and fall wheel on my MB is getting very hard to turn, so I'm guessing I need to lubricate the column that supports the thicknesser table. Can anybody advise on what I should use as a lubricant? thanks, Andy
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    Serious help needed from any guitarist

    I concur with John - a lot of arthritic guitarists move to lap steel / slide guitar, and it's perfectly suited for country music. You can buy a nut raiser for a few pounds from the usual ecommerce sites - it goes over the nut on your guitar to raise the string height to make it suitable for...
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    Electrical Fixed Wire Inspection - advice please

    Hi All I have just received notice from my landlord that my unit is due for a 5 year electrical fixed wire inspection (I think I have been in the unit 3 - 4 years), and apparently under the terms of the lease I am responsible for footing the bill. They are offering to do it for £297 plus vat, or...
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    Problem with chuck runout

    I had exactly the same issue with a Clarke drill press I bought a few years ago. For a long time I struggled with it running off centre and then I bought a second hand Jacobs chuck off ebay. Problem was instantly resolved and I now have a very useable drill press. Obviously you shouldn't have...
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    Sourcing wood

    I have loads of offcuts, including cherry, that I have no use for but cannot bear to throw away. I must have some in the sizes you are looking for - if you can pay the postage you can have them.
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    New workshop - new direction? Advice welcome

    I pay £300 month for my workshop - granted it's not big at 30 square meters, but it just about suits what I need
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    New workshop - new direction? Advice welcome

    I think bench rental would work well - there used to be a place in Leeds called Factory4 which had a lot of users but it closed down due to the premises no longer being available. However I don't think it would work on a full-time monthly fee - Factory 4 used to charge by the hour and I think...
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    I hoped this day would never come - loosing my workshop.

    May be a little too far from you, but I am in a space in Leeds 13 and I know units come up from time to time. They are old mill buildings and units are of varying sizes - mine is just 30 square meters but larger ones as well. Landlord is Gaunts if you are interested
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    Laser Engraver

    You could see if there is a fab lab near you: Labs | FabLabs If so, you may be able to get to use a laser engraver / cnc router for free or for a nominal fee. What is more, they will show you how to use it. I used one near me and got access to a powerful 8 x 4 cnc router and was given full...
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    The shame of a tidy workshop

    Mine is an absolute dung tip and as a result I spend more time looking for tools than I do making stuff. I would love it to be perfectly organised with lots of bespoke storage units such as you see on youtube vids. Maybe one day ....
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    Oak table finishing advice

    Thanks guys, that's really useful and much appreciated
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    Oak table finishing advice

    Hi I recently bought an oak table from ebay. Contrary to the sellers description, the table is not in 'excellent condition', in fact it looks as though it has participated in a few battles, and there is glitter thoroughly embedded in the finish. That said, I still like the table and I managed...
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    Chopping board finish advice

    Thanks guys, much appreciated
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    I used to use cyanoacrylate in my early days of guitar building when I would use it to fix celluloid bindings, but found it a pain to use. These days I make my own wood bindings and purflings and always use pva which creates a rock solid bond and is easy to use.