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    Invoice dispute

    All the more reason to put things in writing it protects both parties.
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    Invoice dispute

    Sorry but you only have yourself to blame a written contract signed by both parties is the first thing should be undertaken before any work commences. There are various way to do this written or electronically. Judge Rinder says it often enough text messages/emails ect all count.
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    Quickest way to stabilise crack in hardwood?

    More than strong enough if the slab is now dry 10% or less
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    Trying to help my retired joiner dad

    Still a very strong market for those type of machines i have all 3 phase heavy duty kit like that. Built to last a lifetime.
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    Wide or narrow boards...?

    I milled a pile of olive ash 2 years ago and they will be going on a kitchen soon wicked they are.
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    Wide or narrow boards...?

    No need to make extra work do them 3 wide perfectly fine.
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    Spraying Tree Trunks with water

    A lot do it to remove all the dirt prior to milling saves the blades getting blunt. I mill using a bandsaw mill and jet wash dirty logs covered in soil. Hot weather as well as others mentioned stops drying to quick.
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    Kitchen base unit - odd size needed

    Cut 1 side and move the post is a lot easier
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    Kitchen base unit - odd size needed

    Wicks units are off the shelf and good quality
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    Kitchen base unit - odd size needed

    Just tell the staff in howdens you are in the trade and they will do you a cash sale. Other option just get a 1000mm unit and cut it down simple job.
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    Upgrading loft insulation and wiring

    Crack on and lay the insulation. Every house attic is wired then covered with insulation after
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    Passion or Profit?

    6X6 metre workshop is for hobby users and simple not big enough to run a business from. I have an 8x5m and there is simply no room to assemble anything and fit my machines in there.
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    I don't believe it!!!

    All sites have been hacked Data of Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Sold on Hacker Forum
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    Where to get 190x24 saw blade?

    Get a shim which will reduce the bore
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    Eucalyptus - Any Good?

    Not a great wood by any means and certainly would never use externally
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    1986 ELU TGS 172 back to work

    Looking at it needs to go back in the skip 🤣
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    More price increases

    I milled up 120 4x2 lengths 12 days ago and after the hot weather over the last 10 days they are now at 10% moisture perfect for internal or external joinery. All douglas fir and larch
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    More price increases

    £27.50 for 1 length 4.8m 4x2 in my local merchants at the moment nuts :dunno: I buy 4 Big larch logs for £90 which is around a ton and 20/25 lengths of 4x2
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    TV problem oddity

    Had this with mine and a new remote did the trick