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    Lighting circuit question

    Yes, crimping is classed as a permanent joint and as such does not need to be accessible but I would only ever class a crimped joint as permanent if it was made using a good quality, calibrated ratchet crimper and not a cheap 'pliers' type used in car electrics. Crimps are insulated but they...
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    Lighting circuit question

    Junction boxes are still acceptable but they must be installed where they remain easily accessible. Under floorboards and hidden in cavity walls etc. are not acceptable places. I assume you are talking about halogen downlights? The standard method of wiring these is to loop in at the switches...
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    So whats happening then ?

    I'm not confusing you with anyone, nor did I imply that you said it was a forum rule. My point is, that your response didn't answer the original question, it didn't help the matter, and your 'rules should be applied to all, man and beast equally' is irrelevant because Jacob didn't break any...
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    So whats happening then ?

    I most certainly do not want to drag this out any longer, but to be honest, the reactions from certain members here was very predictable, totally pointless, and slightly irritating. Why is it, that whenever a thread pops up that isn't singing with praise, the same few come out of the woodwork...
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    Does any organization do this in the UK

    Interparcel do, but I've never used it so I can't vouch for them.
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    What's happened to some of our more illustrious posters?

    One thing that does bother me, and sorry Charley for questioning your actions here, but I was under the impression that private messages were indeed private. I was also under the impression that Jacob only sent a small number of messages (6 I believe he said) to specific people - not really...
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    My New Router

    :shock: Now that is seriously impressive! Can I ask how much it cost to build? And how much you want to make me one :wink:
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    Any sparkies?

    When sizing a submain feed for a workshop you need to know a figure for maximum demand. This is the most 'electricity' that you will be using at any one time. Take your most powerful tool and add on the extractor, lights, radio, chargers and any other electrical appliance that you might have on...
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    Any sparkies?

    How far from the house is your workshop (consumer unit to consumer unit)? Is the existing cable buried? If so, was it run within a duct/conduit? What size fuse is protecting this cable at the house end? Personally I would never install any less than 10mm² cable to a workshop with any large...
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    What's happened to some of our more illustrious posters?

    What time do you get to work? :lol:
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    What's happened to some of our more illustrious posters?

    As I said the last time the discussion about his banning came up, if this rubbish continues you'll find that certain members won't bother coming back. Then you'll have to ask yourself, who's going to come to a forum where questions remain unanswered because everyone who knew the answer has been...
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    I've got one too, and I couldn't agree more with Philly. It's a fantastic machine for the price.
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    It's official - Manchester is now in the USA

    Yep, and VAT on the cost of delivery..... :evil:
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    It's official - Manchester is now in the USA

    I hate to say it, but DHL do not charge VAT/duty at the door. They tend to send you a bill for it later, up to 6 weeks later in my three experiences. :cry:
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    New workshop authorised by Mrs H - help with costings.

    Simply put, everything should comply with the building regulations. Whether you need to pay their fees to have it inspected is another matter and I can't advise on most things. The electrical side of things will definitely need building regs approval if you intend doing the work yourself...
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    Stairway to heaven?

    Imagine walking up these after you've had a few: As if you wouldn't feel dizzy enough already... But as Dom said, in the right place I like almost all of them.
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    Which Jonter / Planer - Advice for first machine

    I have to agree with Corset. I had the SIP benchtop planer and it was too heavy to make it truly portable, it was noisy, the tables were too short, the locking mechanism for the fence was pants and it takes up more space than a larger model by the time you have cupboard space to store it and a...
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    What would you do

    Depending on how he treated you the first time you worked for him, and how much you want the shop refurb job, my reaction would vary from opening the door and telling him politely to come back during working hours or just shouting through an open window to stuff his shop refit where the sun...
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    Dust cyclones

    The impellor on the ADE2200 is only 12" so I would go for the ADE4000 as that is likely to have a 13"/14" impellor. You could also try charnwood for parts. Their W792 extractor has a 14" impellor - but it is more expensive to buy as a whole than the ADE4000.
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    Removing glue from disc sander

    A strong solvent such as lacquer thinners tends to remove most adhesive residues.