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    Clarke CL300M motor

    I’m not much of a metalworker but I’ve had one of these lathes for a number of years now. It’s very useful for making smallish bits of metal scrap into even smaller bits of metal scrap🙄. I loaned it to my brother in law a couple of years ago but have now decided to sell it. The problem is the...
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    Best place for Festool spares?

    Yeah, I’ve already tried that but no difference. I’ve managed to get a replacement from Nuts & Bolts although Miles did have them they were quite a bit more expensive. Miles did have parts for my small Mafell planer/jointer though so that’s two things fixed….
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    Best place for Festool spares?

    Thanks for that, very helpful
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    Best place for Festool spares?

    The on/off switch has failed on my domino 500 so need advice on best place to get parts for these machines? Also wondering if this is a common issue? Mine will not switch off which isn’t the safest way to be using it😱😎🤔
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    Radial arm saw

    I had one, scared the hell out of me every time I tried to use it. Gave up in the end and passed it on to a friend. It’s still gathering dust in the corner of his workshop
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    Avro Vulcan

    That’s excellent. We had one of those crash in the field outside our house when I was a kid back in the early 70s. Story here
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    Cleaning Small Parts - machine restoration

    So I’m guessing you put the negative terminal into the container and put the positive terminal onto the sieve (or vice versa?) when you say £1 tub of stuff from the supermarket what stuff are you referring to??
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    Cleaning Small Parts - machine restoration

    Either or to be honest, it really depends on how bad the rust imps. If it’s just surface rust I would tend to use the brush in the drill method as you can then brush the whole thing without having to reposition it in the drill
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    Bobbin sander

    I have the Scheppach one (bought for £40 on Facebucket marketplace) and it’s been great, can’t fault it.
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    Cleaning Small Parts - machine restoration

    Loads of things for cleaning metal parts up, wire brush in the pillar drill, soaking in vinegar, soaking in EvapoRust, really deep rust or pitting can be sorted a flap disc in an angle grinder or for small parts try a Dremel (or similar type of machine). I also use a polishing mop to clean up...
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    BlueMiG inverter MIG settings

    Afternoon all, I have recently replaced my old SuperMIG 160 with a BlueMIG 160 Inverter MIG. It is so much easier to set up and use BUT I could really use some advice on voltage settings v metal thickness. On some 3-5mm steel it works brilliantly. However I am currently welding up a rather...
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    Hand Saw Restoration and Re-teething of a 99p saw Completed

    What an unbelievably helpful thread this is. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m off to eBlag to buy some very cheap saws
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    New member today

    Thank you👍👍
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    New member today

    Hi folks I‘m Doug and I live up in County Durham. I’m a keen(ish) woodworker and fabricator and currently updating my woodworking space with a bigger MFT & improved storage as well as a mitre saw station. Next project is an under sink cabinet for the downstairs loo and I will post a thread when...