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    BS400 Bandsaw Upper Guide Question/Concern

    The blade guard needs a little chop to fit with this upgraded guide, which I've not got round to yet. Thanks Malcolm. I rather suspect that if I caller RP and said 'these guides on my £1k bandsaw are a poor, cheap design - could I have something that actually works?' I could predict what the...
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    BS400 Bandsaw Upper Guide Question/Concern

    I got fed up with the hopeless guides on my BS400 so rattled out an improved version. All parts were scrap bits of oak - a harder wood might have been better for the guides but these seem to work well after a soak in 3in1 oil. Bandsaw guides by Scgwhite, on Flickr Bandsaw guides by Scgwhite...
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    Workshop/Dust Collection help

    Copes - I have the first machine you listed in your original post. I bought it as I have a small (1m x 1m) plant room that will house extractor and compressor and the larger models would fill that space entirely. I am mostly happy with it, but with a few caveats. I find it powerful enough for...
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    some shop pics

    Are you happy with the Axminster dust extractor? I'm thinking of buying the same model owing to lack of space - I'd be interested in your thoughts...
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    You are right - it is a bit too good for a workshop. We have half an eye on the next owner wanting something suitable for a gym / office / annex. I rather regret having so many sockets in that respect - but they are easier to cover over than retrofit!
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    Bobby's new build thread

    Just read your thread from start to finish (quiet at work this evening...) I'd love to build a home one day - perhaps our next move will be into something designed and built for us. Looks like you are making splendid progress - I'm jealous!
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    Thanks for pointing out the dead links, Biskit. Fixed them now...
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    Probably time for an update... The wedding was a huge success; Barn Wedding by Scgwhite, on Flickr Wedding barn inside by Scgwhite, on Flickr With all that done, I ordered a load of timber and insulation for the internal stud walls and ceiling. 100mm between the rafters, 90mm in external...
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    Sorry for the delay in replying - it is a Ryobi morticer. Sadly out of production now but still available second hand...
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    Cedar cladding.....needs replacing due to wrong nails used

    I'd advise using stainless screws if you decide to replace the cladding. Cedar is quite aggressive and will corrode a regular fixing, particularly in a damp environment. I've recently finished 108m2 of cedar shingles on a roof and used stainless staples owing to fears of corrosion.
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    Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer or mitre saw

    I had a fiddle with the Axi mitre trimmer the other day - it won't cut through the timber, but with clean up an average cut into a perfect mitre. I was impressed...
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    Stainless steel screws with oak

    Bear in mind that SS screws are weak tortionally - or whatever the word is. They must have a pilot hole and countersink, and I'd advise greasing the threads as well. They are very easy to strip heads or snap off.
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    Which vacuum cleaner for extraction

    I bought a Nilfisk wet and dry machine for dust extraction. Not only very useful about the house, it has a power take off and power triggering - plug your vacuum in, plug the machine into the vacuum and the vacuum turns on and off with the saw. Surprisingly, the little nilfisk manages to catch...
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    Could you cope without a Table Saw?

    Hugely interesting discussion fellas - thanks for your thoughts. I'm afraid my mind is made up about the TS - although there isn't much physical damage, it has left a mental scar. I'm sure a large, stable machine with a sliding table and proper fences would be a different animal to my little...
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    Thanks Richard. No previous experience, save for a week's course in Shropshire. It's not a dark art - mostly right angles, but even this doesn't matter as these structures move and settle as they dry out. The biggest headache is workflow - trying to move each beam as little as possible, to...
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    Could you cope without a Table Saw?

    I've never really bonded with my table saw. It is only a very small model - a Jet JTS-10. Whenever I turn it on, it makes me cringe, and it always feels like a dangerous machine to use. 48 hours ago, I had a VERY near miss which resulted in a pretty good cut / tear to the fleshy part of my left...
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    Oak framed barn / workshop - DIY build!

    Morning all! I've been lurking on this forum for a few months and have learned a lot in this time - I thought some members would be interested in a building I've put up in our garden. It was originally intended to be a multi-purpose building - we would leave it open plan in order that we could...
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    Rough and ready shed extension and rebuild

    Great extension! I saw a torch in our local Lidl a few days ago - might still have one if you are quick...
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    Wedding Present

    Wonderful overall, but the lettering is tremendous. Please tell me that is CNC routed - if you hand-cut that, I'm going to give up!
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    Sturdy Lean-to Shed

    Great job - that oak is heavy stuff, isn't it?