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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I like it, Andy you made a good job.
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    Joke Thread 4

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    Router Table lifts

    Hi Eamonn I have a UJK router lift for sometime and I can thoroughly recommend it. It works well and still working as good today. The chain mechanism gives no trouble but you must have a good dust extractor, it has never clogged. Doug
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    What are these ‘curved washers’ called?

    Shake proof, spring washers or plain washers.
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    Planer Thicknesser - Griggio FS530

    I had the same problem. It’s your power supply. I had a Electrian in and he altered something nowI can use any machines no problem
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    Quangsheng No.62 low angle vs No.5 vs No.5 1/2?

    I called in to see my brother and he was clearing out his garage and I saw a very old rusty Stanley no4 and I said do you want i,t he said it was our fathers who was a cabinet maker and was sentimental to him and me. I took it away to renovate and I use it for everything. My brother doesn’t...
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    Quangsheng No.62 low angle vs No.5 vs No.5 1/2?

    I have 51/2 and 62 I like and use them both but I think buy 51/2 first
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    Chisel buying advice

    I have footprint chisels which I purchased back in the 70’s. Now I have 3 other sets of chisels as well but the footprint ones are still going. Keep a sharp edge.
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    workshop too cold.working indoors

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    No volt switch.

    Clear with air gun. Saw dust trap in mine so I clean it regularly
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    Fed up sharpening pencils

    BicMatic mechanical pencils. (y)
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    Spring time power washing

    I have used Patio Magic and Wet and Forget for years and both work fine. Couple of years ago I sealed my patio and paths with Thompsons sealer from B&Q £26 for 5 ltrs. I now use just water and brush and I can recommend it.
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    private charge notice

    I received a fine so telephoned them and they checked my reg number a it was sorted. Good luck
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    private charge notice

    Someone used your I had the same. Charged for entering London and my car was in my drive. Haven’t been nowhere near London.
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    Do I need a 5 1/2 plane.

    The no. 6 is the best I have for a shooting board. My Quangsheng is new so I haven't used it accept for trying it out. It is a heavier pane than what I'm use to. It is wider and cast iron so it will be heavier. If its a lighter plane I need then I will reach for a lighter one.
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    Do I need a 5 1/2 plane.

    I have 6 planes. The low angle no.62 and no.5 I use most of the time. I now have a new 51/2 Quangsheng the wife bought me for Christmas After polishing the blade I found it works beautifully. I am very pleased with it.
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    Which Domino

    After reading all the comments I am going for the DF500
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    Blade sharpening

    I think you'll find that Workshop Heaven will supply the service by post.
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    I use a Tormek grinder

    I have used a Tormek grinder for many years for sharpening my planes, chisels, and knives with what I think are very good results. If I used waterstones or similar would I achieve a better edge on my tools
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    Axminster Bosch palm router package deal

    Hi Greame I have owned a GKF600 for a while and very pleased and use it all the time for lightweight routing jobs. Much easier to handle Doug