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    Yankee screwdrivers

    I still have both large and small versions. The large one still gets occasional use when the cordless are not suited to the job - usually insufficient reach. My original large one was purchased in the late 1960s for the princely sum of 40 shillings (£2). When it got lost on a job in the 1990s...
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    Help on How to disassemble a Full Size Snooker Table

    Thanks for an interesting update and the photos . Well done for getting this far. Hope you are able to find the muscle you need for the final steps.
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    why are these drill bits tapered?

    I am not disputing your measurements or experience of what I would term “modern” screws 😀 While it is quite possible that the tapered screws I am thinking off pre-dated the drills described, but they did exist and are briefly referred to here.
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    why are these drill bits tapered?

    But old wood screws were tapered!
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    Dust / chip extractor went bang

    Try searching for 250v delta capacitor. Looks like this one might have come from RadioSpares? (Martin beat me to it ;-))
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    Keyring kit ideas?

    I have had good results with the different keyring kits/bushes from Prokraft using both timber and acrylic offcuts
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    Rant about screwfix

    Yes, I wrote an email to the manager of our local store explaining that I did not want to self checkout and that I would in future use Wickes instead. Did not even get the courtesy of an acknowledgement. It confirmed my suspicion that they have completely lost focus on what the customer wants/needs.
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    Unusual Vice

    A little bit about Rededa on the second post of This page and lots of Rededa items for sale on eBay
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    For Sale Beech biscuit bargain?

    I recently sold my biscuit jointer (another convert to Dominos) and have been left with a box of DeWalt size 20 biscuits (DT3932). These are the "proper" beech biscuits rather than the lower cost ply type offered by some other manufacturers/supplies. The box originally had 1000 biscuits and...
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    Problem with Charnwood Saw

    Does the blade spin freely if moved by hand? (With power OFF!)
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    Tyme cub

    If you visit Tyme | about 3/4 of the way down the page you will see the Tyme Cub manual listed.
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    Lathe chuck -- Axminster vs Vevor

    This is an extract from the Vevor description, “Premium Steel Structure: Chuck's body is made of quality cast iron.” - could mean whatever you want it to 😒
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    Lathe chuck -- Axminster vs Vevor

    Vevor has a cast iron body while the Axminster is stainless steel. It all comes down to how much you willing to spend and whether higher quality is worth more to you than the flexibility provided by the extra jaws? It is mostly the case that you get what you pay for! While I have no personal...
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    Forstner bit extension bar?

    So far the only source I have come across for the 8/10mm shanks is Axminster - and it is not a cheap option! …also seen these on Amazon at lower cost but not sure of the quality?
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    Getting a fixing into very hard hollow bricks

    In a similar situation I went for resin fixings and was very satisfied with the result.
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    Axminster "Steb" Centres

    I have been using the Axminster versions very happily for the last few months. As I have not owned the ”real” version, I cannot make comparisons but on the basis on my experience so far, would not bother to pay the extra.
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    Powered air mask

    Another satisfied user of the JSP 👌😀
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    Cross line laser

    Yes, I think it is an L2? Not where I can see it at present….. 🧐
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    Cross line laser

    Another satisfied user of the Leica. As with most of these, recommendation would be to remove the batteries and store separately if not using on a regular basis.
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    Lathe sale

    Why not try selling it on here first - where you can set a price and know that you have well-informed buyers?