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    What to do with apple?

    Apple wood is prized for making wooden hand planes.
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    reccomendation for planer knive sharpening

    Is this it? ELU DAH 176 Slotted HSS Planer Thicknesser Blades 1 Pair - S706S0 | eBay
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    reccomendation for planer knive sharpening

    What is the groove for?
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    reccomendation for planer knive sharpening

    Your measurements convert to aprox. 8-1/4" x 5/8" x 1/8" Here in USA it is probably attainable. Seems like a standard jointer size.
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    reccomendation for planer knive sharpening

    I forgot to say that when using it on a bench (as in photo)... you can use a single cut file to draw file the heavy nicks out. To do this, you hold the file at 90 degrees to the knives and stroke down the length, applying even downward pressure. Using a file this way will quickly remove the...
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    reccomendation for planer knive sharpening

    This was my solution for my Dewalt Planer. I cut 2 slots into MFD at the angle marked on the end (for future reference). The slots are a tight fit when I insert the blades. I then set the unit on the bench (as seen in photo), then use a diamond honing stone stroking down the length resharpening...
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    Making holes in dovetail saw blade for handle, high carbon alloy

    Pgrbff, I have done this several times... and found this cobalt bit to be the best at a reasonable cost. I make a plywood guide with pre drilled holes to clamp the blade (on a drill press) with another piece of plywood under the blade. make sure it is clamped tight to the drill press table...
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    FedEx - the most spectacularly incompetent carrier of them all !

    I guess we could all do better... from time to time.
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    Mystery hand tools

    Other things necessary are a Lead rope to surround the joint when pouring the melted lead, and a lead pouring pot and burner to melt the lead. and also "oakum" (which is the packing gasket material) and a oakum chisel (which is a flat ended slightly curved and has a dog leg in the length) to...
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    7mm wooden fluted dowels?

    You can hand plane a flat onto the dowel (to allow glue escape path) then cut to length.
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    Paul Sellers Router Plane

    Paul Sellers has been gracious enough to include the pdf plans to his router plane along to a very detailed video. Can't wait for part 2 video. He has included the depth adjustment that makes his router plane compete with the best of the manufactured hand router planes. He has also prototyped...
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    Yes, Landfil, or Dump.
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    I am from USA... and I do not understand what this means?
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    This video shows the fence attachment with screws located on the rail @ 4:00 min. Dewalt Flexvolt Table Saw - First Look - Bing video
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    I would remove the fence and investigate. A good chance it was removed before and not re-installed correctly. Look for the simple things that may have been missed first. It may help to post the model of your saw to get a better response.
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    7/16" round file, can't find one

    The plane I am making has a spring angle of 45 degrees, and has a 45 degree bed angle for the iron (for soft wood). It should end up making a molding profile that will consist of a 1/16"rebate with a 1/4" radius and ending with another 1/6" radius.
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    7/16" round file, can't find one

    J-G, I ordered a Nicholson 12199 12" round smooth cut file. I can't find a Bahco 1-230-12-2-2 here in USA. I would have ordered a Bahco if it was available, the quality is suppose to be much better than Nicholson. Hopefully it will work. The File I ordered is tapered... my thinking is I should...
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    7/16" round file, can't find one

    I am making a molding plane and I would like to find a 7/16" diameter round file. Ideally it would be the same diameter from end to end, and have a fine cut (like a chainsaw file). So far the closest thing I have found is a rat tailed (tapered) turnip cut (quite coarse) in a 3/8" diameter. I...
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    Moulding plane fabrication

    Here is the link
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    Paul Sellers and Old v New Tools

    I personally, am glad to have someone like Paul Sellers doing what he does. He teaches by example the things he has learned with great detail about the things he has personally learned with great detail. He seems to want to pass on his knowledge, understanding and observations to as many people...