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  1. SimpleSimon69

    Cars that make you smile

    Trikes are fun😁😁
  2. SimpleSimon69

    Cars that make you smile

    Who said you need a car to load up your Craft Show gear?😘
  3. SimpleSimon69

    Floor to ceiling doors - how to?

    How about a 'Bi-fold' door running in channels? With a bit of careful thought you could place a rod operated latch in the 'middle' of the two doors (you could get it to seat into the channels when closed) which will add support to the centre of the closed doors.
  4. SimpleSimon69

    Enjoywood Router lift depth walking

    Have a look at this video from about 8mins from Hooked on Wood, hopefully something useful for you.
  5. SimpleSimon69

    What is wrong with some people?!

    Don't forget that the tea was originally brewed in a Tea Pot that had previously been 'warmed' before being emptied then the tea leaves placed in the pot, then boiling water was poured ("take the pot to the kettle, never the kettle to the pot") directly onto the leaves and left to brew. Now...
  6. SimpleSimon69

    What is wrong with some people?!

    How about This..
  7. SimpleSimon69

    Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

    Try this link from Amazon UK Ottertools - Turnstile Compatible with Bosch PBD-40 Bench Drill (Round Handle Shape)
  8. SimpleSimon69

    One Liners!

    Tim Vine
  9. SimpleSimon69

    Grammar Post

    Grammar and punctuation is SO important. It's the difference between "Helping your uncle, Jack, off a horse". And, "Helping your uncle Jack off a horse"
  10. SimpleSimon69

    It a right pain in the ask

    We gave up on the usual wireless doorbells as we found the very unreliable, instead we got a 'Eufy' Security doorbell plus a couple of cameras, a bit of an investment but VERY happy and proving to be very reliable since purchasing about 18 months ago. Link
  11. SimpleSimon69

    Sold Drummond B Type lathe, Sussex

    Was a pleasure to meet you today Tony when I collected the Lathe. Hopefully I will be able to learn lots from it.
  12. SimpleSimon69

    Sold Drummond B Type lathe, Sussex

    I'd be very interested in this. I'll PM you.
  13. SimpleSimon69

    Removing 1mm?

    I haven't found that to be an issue to be honest. I use 'Benchdogs' Fence and Dogs with no problems on my top (made using the Parf Guide System Mk2).
  14. SimpleSimon69

    Removing 1mm?

    You could always see if anyone that's close to you has a 'Parf Guide System' that you could make use of. You could then make one any size you wanted/needed. I'd help you out if you're close enough.
  15. SimpleSimon69

    Father's Day Gift Ideas....

    🤣🤣 Absolutely brilliant, that's made my Monday that has.
  16. SimpleSimon69

    Making new window openings, what's involved?

    Sorry if this is a slight high-jack but this thread has got me thinking. We are in the process of buying a new house that has had a ground floor rear extension that was done by a previous owner approx 6 years ago. (the current owners have only been there about 2 years) There are records of...
  17. SimpleSimon69

    "Ok who folded the plans the wrong way?"

    How about This one in London? The pictures really don't do it justice, the whole building messes with your idea of perspective. Found the following on the Web; M by Montcalm is a 23-story hotel near Old Street tube station in Shoreditch, London. It was designed by architects Squire and...
  18. SimpleSimon69

    Decent set of extending ladders

    I've got a set of extension 'A' frame ladders and a good design loft ladder from these guys and find them very good at reasonable price.
  19. SimpleSimon69

    Portable workbench

    I would think a variation of Ron Paulk's design would suit your needs.
  20. SimpleSimon69

    18mm ply drawer base

    Here's another vid that may be of use :cool::cool::cool: