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    Logosol Timber Jig

    I tried some six to seven year old Pine today. Cutting fresh timber with the sap still in it is much easier on the ripping chain. I have a large rounded top window to replace soon and was planning to get a lot of the curve from one wide board for one of top curves, then the same for other side...
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    Buying advice - multitool, random orbital sander and router

    Thank you for explaining, they were 40mm sockets beaten on with a sledgehammer.
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    Buying advice - multitool, random orbital sander and router

    That’s what I thought too, but 5 amp fully charged won’t loosen studs but the 12 will. I don’t understand it either.
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    Buying advice - multitool, random orbital sander and router

    Hello, first question I would ask you is what amp are your batteries. I have sold my soul to Milwaukee and have the above three all cordless. My battery start at four amp to 12 for Tablesaw, but the 12 amp ends up on the rattle gun mostly. It will loosen what the 5 amp won’t. Amp power makes a...
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    Logosol Timber Jig

    Hello and salutations I am about to try and to give my view on the Logosol Timber Jig. I chose this over the Alaskan mill type as the Gransberg agent is UK based, with Brexit, importing into euro zone is prohibitive expansive. The Amazon version looks a bit tinny. The Logosol seemed more simple...
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    Help and Advice

    Hello, with a 80 year old mother, maybe sell as Job lot, all or nothing. Otherwise the best will be picked, leaving you with a skip hire cost to clear the rest and every toe rag sizing up what else to rob on return. Sorry for my bleak outlook on mankind. What the tools cost and their worth is...
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    Buying from EU

    Hello, A view from the outside, we are in Ireland and buying from UK has changed a lot. Some businesses are a pleasure to deal with, Wood Workers Workshop have a very good website, the price displayed in Euro is the price paid, vat and customs built in and shipping priced at checkout. Some...
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    Newcomer from Ireland

    Also welcome, I as well from Ireland, north of Ashbourne, still on a very steep learning curve!! The advice here is great, shed looks great. Enjoy and learn (most of mine is by doing it the wrong way, many, many different ways!’.
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    Router Table lifts

    A few photos of finished product.
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    Wood burning - Lime

    We had a very large Lime branch come down last year, burns well now, but very hard to split, used a hydraulic log splitter, it tears more than splits. Good luck with a maul.
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    Laser level recommendations

    I have a Prexiso 20m, with a cheap Bosch camera tripod, a meter spirit level, mask tape on it for different readings. The Prexiso is midrange in price and we find it accurate. A reader for staff will complete package. Hope this is some guidance.
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    Router Table lifts

    Hello, I have ordered a Triton TRA 001, lift, levelling plate,fence and associated track from Sauter in Germany. At just over €600 (+vat) delivery to Ireland it seems good to me. I would have loved a Incra but one can go to the well only so many times… This is good enough for me. I will...
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    aargh drains !

    The black sludge, maybe slit and a clue. We live in an old house with drains running everywhere, have come across black silt before the Sewage meets the line. Digging is not the end of the world as most builders will have you believe. If your driveway is paving just lift and dig, concrete or...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Me and little one building, she would not wait for oil, ( probably just as well as some need a bit more sanding).
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Hello all, Mine is very plain compared to above. Off cuts of 9 by 1 and 1/4 construction timber, a giant Genga set for little one. 3x5x15.25 mm. A coat of Danish Oil and towering building begins. Rob.
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    My first workbench

    Looks very strong, nothing wrong with Construction grade timber for a bench in my eyes. “Your Mother would be proud of you” as we say in my small part of the world.
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    Test has been judged a success. A more streamlined product process is a MOST, but I’m happy not under wifey feet so all is good. 280x70x23 mm with a chamfer on top. Next three lengths have been purchased. Advice still must appreciated and need. Rob.
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    Tom, Thank you, sorry for silly question what’s “mods”, moderators maybe… and how do I contact them? I think I will have to take plunge and invest in a moisture meter. Also was talking to a chippy who told me a coat of varnish and the rubberised glue nothing will move ( he had to take some...
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    John, Thank you, it was my error in not stating parquet flooring. 64 made only 1480ish to go……. Thanks for the advice on your brothers, I’ll still wondering about applying the varnish, here in Ireland we have a damp climate and all new timber needs varnishing to seal.