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  1. Tris

    Ideas to fix pilar drill

    Depending on how much you want to spend or are prepared to get creative you could fit a digital read out (DRO). They can be had fairly cheaply from Chinese suppliers, or through...
  2. Tris

    Kity 619 Table Saw.

    Unless I'm mistaken that looks like both live and neutral are fused, I'm no electrician but that can't be a good thing surely. If the neutral blows then the tool could still be live. Think I'd be looking for a suitably sized NVR switch
  3. Tris

    Mapping a field

    Sheet of ply and lots of '00' models? More fun than a screen at least
  4. Tris

    Fitting rasp or file to wooden handle

    Curious, always thought that was done with lead
  5. Tris

    Fitting rasp or file to wooden handle

    You could open it out with something like this...
  6. Tris

    How would you cut game counters from dowels?

    If your (future) bandsaw is well tuned you could do worse than make a vee block to carry the dowel. This could have a piece glued on to run in the mitre slot. Maybe not as fast as the multi dowel jigs described above but works with a wide range of sizes and requires less adjustment time
  7. Tris

    Fitting rasp or file to wooden handle

    AFAIK a tapered hole drilled in the handle before it was turned, ferrule fitted after turning then the tang of the file/rasp tapped in. That's how I've done it in the past and the handles are all still on
  8. Tris

    cashier PayPal account

    Not heard of it called that before. Have used PayPal to both buy from and sell to the US with no problem. IIRC anything over £22 on the customs form attracts tax and a £12 handling fee although this is a few years ago now. If you are asking the question I guess something doesn't feel right so...
  9. Tris

    Unique Craftsman-made Slitting/Marking Gauge

    Curious that one appears fixed and the other moveable. Guess someone had a need for a lot of a certain width of stringing
  10. Tris

    Removing/replacing a fitted kitchen cupboard back?

    Can you get a multi tool in to cut it in half vertically? May then be able to slide the two halves out. Refit with a plastic T trim to look tidy. Only been able to do that once, most end up with some sort of cover panel
  11. Tris

    ideas /expertise on attaching a sailcloth covering to a metal shed

    It's a bit of a bodge but I'd go for a bead of Sikaflex 522 under the cloth edge and strips of flat aluminium screwed on with self tappers over the top. Best if you can bend it to follow the sheet profile otherwise just short lengths between the ridges
  12. Tris

    Cars that make you smile

    At 17 I bought a 1970 MG Midget, blew the engine up so had it bored out to 1650 then had a stage 2 head on it, great fun but cornering in the wet was not a strong point. Volvo 740GLT 2.3 turbo was more fun than something shaped like a brick should be. Most of the others are just transport
  13. Tris


    More Canute than Noah
  14. Tris

    Another rat thread

    Could be he has a phobia, many do. In which case nothing will truly placate him. I'd put a couple of safe bait boxes down and point out the fact nothing has touched them. Won't stop him but takes the wind out of his argument
  15. Tris

    Cars - Form over function

    Learned to drive in a Saab 99, lovely car and those bumpers were very useful. It's getting hard to tell the current crop of cars apart, especially the SUV shapes. Is it a Jag or a Kia? Not good for brand status
  16. Tris

    Need to escape/reset

    Looking back at the threads you have posted showing all the wonderful and creative things you have done there, over and above what is called for by any job description, makes it so much worse that you have come to feeling this way. I'm sure your efforts have been appreciated by those who are...
  17. Tris


    Knowing my luck it'd be the workings of 'Blaster' Bates rather than oxtail soup :sick:
  18. Tris

    Mystery object!

    Imperial drill sizes, 7/32 and 11/64 look about right. Possibly homemade to keep the mist frequently used ones to hand by a drill press
  19. Tris

    CA (superglue) not setting

    Might be a daft question but are your plastics compatible with CA glue? Can't remember which types exactly but I know (guess how!) that with some the CA just sits on the surface and won't set
  20. Tris

    Grow your own ... 'shrooms

    If you've got access to some freshly felled broadleaf tree trunks, not less than 4" thick, you can have a regular supply for years. Drill rings of half inch holes, 1½ inches deep, around the log, 4 inches or so apart in a staggered pattern. Fill these holes with spawn to within ½" of the...