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    Got the 100mm cyclone on top of a plywood bin. Hooked up to a 3hp motor it makes light work of all my needs. Longest pipe run around five metres…
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    Which woodworking YouTube channels do you watch?

    He’s back posting vids. He was seriously ill for quite a while…
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    Sold Charnwood W650 Tablesaw - £575

    I bought this saw. After a bit of a hiccup on my part, this seller went above and beyond - not least with an eccentric collection company! I would have no hesitation in buying from him again.
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    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    Yup. Can’t help but think of “hurray for the black shirts!” whenever I hear the daily heil mentioned…
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    This could be interesting ...

    Yup. The Seiko visit is good...! I'd recommend his other books, esp - Atlantic, Krakatoa - fascinating because he draws a lot of threads together and places it within the timescale.
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    I just want a nice METRIC ONLY comination square

    Doesn't stop folk buying BMW - chips from China and M&S - clothes from sweatshops... Just a thought.
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    I just want a nice METRIC ONLY comination square

    Just had a look at the Banggood version... £8.02 now and has a very good review from Denis at Hooked on Wood. Looks well worth a punt! I managed to snag a set from Axminster a few years ago. Sold as seconds, I took a punt and was pleasantly surprised that a little rust was the only issue. It's...
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    Sold Charnwood W650 Tablesaw - £575

    Hi, Thanks for reply. Now, the tricky part... Would you accept £500...? Also, can you give me your postcode - so I can get a quote for collection... Cheers!
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    Sold Charnwood W650 Tablesaw - £575

    Morning. I’m interested in your table saw. Can you let me try and find a price for a pallet collection? I’m in the back of beyond and cannot collect.. Alasdair.
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    For Sale Bits n Bobs dewalt festool

    Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. May I buy one please?
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    For Sale Bits n Bobs dewalt festool

    Morning. Can you tell me what drivers does the right angle chuck fit and is there one left…? Cheers!
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    Dowel jig

    I Have the Wnew jig from Banggood and I can confirm it is excellent. It is accurate, easy to use and well thought-out. A substantial piece of kit, it comes with all you need to produce accurate and consistent dowel joints. It is useful to have a clamp - they offer a kit which includes one - but...
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    Festoon Domino "small cutter" adapter for DF700

    Hi, Apologies for tardy reply. Work does get in the way! I’d echo what Ollie78 and Spectric have said. The machine is quite bulky when using the smaller cutters and the workpieces MUST be well-secured/held down. Other than that it’s a win - win. Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.
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    Festoon Domino "small cutter" adapter for DF700

    Yup. I have this gizmo. It works fine - the only drawback is that the big machine is a little hefty to use with the very smallest dominos. It requires some care with the slightly larger ones too but it's eminently useable...
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    Spalted wood

    I’d recommend Smith’s CPES. A friend cut ‘tiles’ from salted beech and used CPES to harden them. This was for his kitchen floor. Very successful. I’ve used it to harden up some slightly rotted windows - worked a treat.
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    Remote for shop extractor

    I’d thoroughly recommend one of these: Tough Leads dust extractor remote control. VERY helpful and accommodating. Able to cope with my own 3hp extractor in a shed hung on the outside of my workshop.
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    Help with cyclone build

    I used the Axminster steel cyclone. 100mm. It sits on top of a plywood box in a small ‘shed’ hung on the outside wall of workshop. Powered by a 3hp extractor. It works very well for me. Longest run is around four m to a p/t and a shorter one to router table and table saw. Added bonus is that...
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    Ash or something else for kitchen table .. ?

    Yeah. Seems to be a love or hate thing with spalting. For myself, I quite like it and in this instance, on such a wide board, I really like it. Thumbs-up for Osmo too! Best aye.
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    Ash or something else for kitchen table .. ?

    Did not know that. Funnily enough, a local hotel has had bar tops installed which are spalted Sycamore. Very wide boards - c500mm. They have cupped very slightly but not seriously and I’m told unlikely to move anymore… very lovely though and unusual. Food for thought! Slainte! Alasdair.
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    Ash or something else for kitchen table .. ?

    Sycamore? Very interesting. Would never have occurred to me to use Sycamore. I live in the North West of Scotland and can only really get hold of Ash, Oak, Elm and, yes, Sycamore. I got some Ash boards a few years ago to make myself a kitchen table but never got round to it. Luckily, I also...