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    Sold 3mm thick knife-cut oak veneer - NOW TAKEN

    Mine came from a friend who was a professional woodturner and cabinetmaker and had it specially cut for him. We lost touch and he's retired now. Capital Crispin Veneers do constructional thickness veneer in several thicknesses and a good range of species. They also do regular thickness...
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    Sold 3mm thick knife-cut oak veneer - NOW TAKEN

    Clearing out garage/workshop. I have a pile of 3mm thick oak veneer left over from making bookshelves some years ago - I over-bought, There are about 30-40 leaves each 8 - 9 ft long and tapering from around 7-8" wide at one end to 5-6" wide at the other. Mostly still packed in sequential...
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    Curry's. - Do NOT buy anything from them at the moment.

    We ordered a new freezer from Currys in April as ours was failing. Chose one which was in stock and paid for it online. Got a message few days later saying they had run out of stock and did we want to wait or refund. Asked for a refund and got it in a couple of days. Got a letter from them a...
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    MYFORD ML8 Refurbishment

    Sounds good. I checked the original instructions - Myford say the bearings should be lubricated weekly with light oil. They sold a 32 grade hydraulic oil for the metal lathes, which is what I use for my ML8 - though I tend to give each bearing a brief squirt at the start of a work session.
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    MYFORD ML8 Refurbishment

    The bearings on the ML8 are not designed for grease - and there are no seals to keep it in place anyway. The recommended lubrication is 32 grade hydraulic oil and you give a squirt from an oil can into each of those screw-in oil caps at the start of each work session. Myford's philosophy on...
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    Silver soldering brass and steel - Advice needed.

    That's a fairly hefty lump of brass to be soldering or brazing. You might get away with soft solder as it's a large area and relatively low stress - also less likely to cause distortion than would silver brazing. If you go that route you'll need a better flux than plumbers resin to solder to...
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    safe edge on a buarstuard file

    Arc Eurotrade sells flat files with two safe edges - though I think they start at second cut. You probably need to smooth the edges a bit as there is usually some burring from the manufacture but you can do that easily with a diamond file.
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    Chasing threads on turned items.

    +1 for John Berkeley's book. I can't claim expertise but I did a weekend course with John at West Dean. Hand chasing is a rather Zen process - you need to be in the right frame of mind. It's much easier to start with the finer threads - chasing coarse threads needs perfect coordination at...
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    Specific cable for three phase (indoors)

    Try your local branch of TLC Electrical. They do 5 core 2.5mm by the metre in both PVC and SY sheath
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    Myford ML8 Serial Number

    I don't think there is a list of Myford serial numbers for the wood lathes - only the metal ones. If it's any help mine is 128276 and was new in 1976, so it's a fair guess that yours dates from 63. Early ones were cream and later ones (like mine) silver but I don't know when they changed over.
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    Myford ML8 headstock bearings.

    Assuming it's the common imperial version the bearings are coded MJT1 for the outer race and MJT 1 1/8 for the inner one. Readily available - though you may need to be sitting down when you look at the prices these days. You need to make up a tool to extract the old bearings - PM me if you...
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    Treadle powered tools

    I've got a book which dates from about 1952 called "The Art of Fretwork", published by Hobbies. It describes optional sanding discs which could be fitted to several of their treadle-powered fretsaws - so it can clearly be done.
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    How much vacuum to be effective?

    The bar is a metric unit of pressure, though not a recommended SI unit. Normal atmospheric pressure at sea level is roughly 0.99 bar, which is 14.5 pounds force per square inch. When your vacuum bag is open to air the air exerts the same pressure inside and out. Assuming your gauge is reading...
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    Fixing a Microcleene MC1200 air filter

    There's not much to one of these. The fan is indeed push fit. If it's a bit loose then a drop of epoxy will fix it. If the canister is dented you should be able to get at it from inside and hammer the dents out gently. The fan is running correctly. It draws air through the filter and...
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    Shellac sealer spills on clothing

    If it's shellac it should be soluble in household ammonia solution -that's how I often clean brushes.
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    Where can I find 3.5mm and 4.5mm wood drill bits?

    Workshop Heaven sells lip and spur drills in 0.5 mm increments, both round and hex shank - not cheap but their quality is excellent
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    Multico M1 morticer bushing

    It's not under any particular stress. I made mine from ordinary EN1A free-cutting mild steel as it's cheap and works just fine - I'm assuming you have access to a metal-cutting lathe.
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    Pre-machine age household tool kits.

    I inherited a book called The Practical Man’s Book of Things to Make and Do, which my father would have bought around the time he married in 1937. It’s obviously aimed above simple house maintenance but has a list at the beginning of “the most important tools to enable you to make a good start...
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    Attaching wooden treads to concrete steps?

    MS polymer is "modified silane" adhesive. Lots of suppliers if you Google "MS polymer" Made by Permabond: http://www.permabond.co.uk/ms-polymers-c1atr
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    Can 2 nvr switches be wired in line?

    No reason why you can't do it for safety reasons as long as they are in series. If the power drops out both will shut down which is what you want for safety. You'll get funny behaviour though. If you shut off in normal use at the one nearer the motor then you'll have to restart with the same...