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    Cracked solar panel.

    Hi Pete - There looks to be a small impact dint on the panel but i could not find any evidence of what hit it so whatever it was must have bounce off. I understand that the glass is toughened but that the silicon cells are bonded to it hence, I suppose, the slight crazing stretching out from...
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    Cracked solar panel.

    Dabop- many thanks. I am still hoping that I can get it sorted by a professional but you have given me a lot of useful food for thought. Inspector - that's a good idea. I did originally think just of cleaning it and using silicone but a slight craze effect runs out from the actual impact over...
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    Cracked solar panel.

    Thanks for your input guy, it's very helpful. Sideways, I haven't tried claiming but I assume that my house insurance would cover it. I am sure that my original installer was registered with Sunpower, he has been very professional and supportive over the years but as I said for some reason he...
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    Cracked solar panel.

    Hi all - I have noticed a fair bit of PV solar panel knowledge on this forum so hoping someone might have a view on this. We have a solar panel installation of 12 'Sunpower' panels (configured as 2 strings of 6 panels) matched with a Sunny Boy inverter. It was installed 9 years ago and has...
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    Wooden turbines

    I think the BBC reported that the outside was clad in fibreglass which I guess makes it totally waterproof and relatively maintenance free
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    Wooden turbines

    Anyone planning on building their own wooden wind turbine yet? I see that the Swedish have recently erected a huge wind turbine build of laminated spruce. Apparently 144 of 4mm thick spruce are glued together to form cylinders which are then joined together on site using what appear to be...
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    Not exactly off topic, slot together shed/cabin repairs

    I built a similar shed (44mm slot together pine) around 15 years ago. It is still standing and in good condition. The front of the cabin faces west and it is that face that suffers from gaps in the timber. I think that the combination of shorter timbers on that side (to account for the double...
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    Grrrrr...Milwaukee, what a con.

    I agree with much of this. I aim to buy products that are not made in China because I have no desire to support a regime that I believe are totally untrustworthy. As pointed out by others it can be difficult to find products manufactured in free countries but I am willing to make the effort and...
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    At the end of the day we are never going to properly see what the contestants can do or see a polished result because these programs (whether this, or Bake Off or Sewing Bee......) never give someone a realistic amount of time to do the job ?
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    Axminster stock levels

    As is now the case for just about everything we dance to the tune of China. If they cant make enough or can't ship it thousands of mile fast enough we will just have to wait because apparently the UK is pretty much incapable of manufacturing anything for itself these days.
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    Electric vehicles

    Just taken delivery of an electric mini so by no means an electric car expert but some observations for those thinking of taking the plunge. 1. The range of the mini is reported to be a little less than 150 miles. Fine for me, I tend to do <30 miles a day these days and I had a home charger...