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  1. Citracal

    Improving the Dust Extraction on a Table Saw

    Thanks for posting this information, can you confirm how much of an improvement this resulted in?? Was it worth the effort???
  2. Citracal

    Osmo a bit flat

    Haha sorry I see what you mean, just a miscommunication. The first sentence is what I did when applying osmo. The second is that I'd recommended Danish as a much nicer finish than osmo and if you're going to use Danish, sand to 400 before applying. Definitely use them independently of each other 😂
  3. Citracal

    Osmo a bit flat

    I've gone 400 on the top, applied polyx then repeatedly cut back at 1000+, left the final coat pretty wet and its worked very well. I'd recommend going to 400 and finishing with danish to get better depth in your finish, osmo is pretty lifeless stuff.
  4. Citracal

    Rip blade to fit Bosch GKT 55?

    Hi all, Imagine someone must have been through the same journey as me with this so going to ask. Have a Bosch GKT 55 plunge saw. I want to source a decent rip blade for solid wood for the machine. Now Bosch make a variety of blades but from what I'm reading the blade thickness that will...
  5. Citracal

    Advice for Rust free tools in workshops

    ACF50 worked really well for me. Can also wrap in newspaper.
  6. Citracal

    Amazing bit of woodwork

    I think it supposed to be a game piece used in an African game, McCollins Jones I think is the designer
  7. Citracal

    Attaching a top to a unit?!?!?!

    Ah if you are attaching the oak to the sides then I would absolutely go with the above. You can use your domino to cut the slots for the fastener to slide into the MDF sides.
  8. Citracal

    Attaching a top to a unit?!?!?!

    Yeah, definitely don't glue it to MDF. Slotted screws for the win.
  9. Citracal

    Design Disaster????

    Where can I buy this?
  10. Citracal

    Help please - truing the edges of a box

    Definitely just plane it flush. If you haven't already it's probably because you don't have a plane or aren't confident with it so I would say this is the perfect opportunity for you learn, enjoy!
  11. Citracal

    Mahogany table grain fill & finish

    Linseed will give you a beautiful lustrous finish by itself and is as straightforward to apply as you can get. Just keep adding more layers, let it soak in, wipe of the excess and buff between coats. Osmo tends too look quite flat, unless you really know what you are doing it will give a pretty...
  12. Citracal

    Planing a board flat - Is there literally no light when testing with a straight edge?

    Check your straight edge is actually straight
  13. Citracal

    How do they get away with this?

    Wait, where can I get this £25 Tormek? Can someone please send me the link, can't miss that bargain!
  14. Citracal

    Staining Mahogany black/white...

    Osmo do white stains, there are a few some with more tint than others. If you apply it thick it will give you a denser color but not the nicest finish. They also have black equivalents. Neither will make it look like ebony or ivory though.
  15. Citracal


    Yep, I needed to choose a username and the bottle was on my shelf.
  16. Citracal


    Damn right Insta: alexrupertjohnston
  17. Citracal


    This is my experience in the UK anyway. I didn't see any of them in Canada, can't comment on the states or elsewhere.
  18. Citracal


    Yeah I mean if you want to grind excessive amounts of steel off your tools for no reason and can afford new ones every year then grind it off with a fast wheel. But like I said if you actually do this for a living you'll know that you can't afford to do this. In the shop our turners use the...
  19. Citracal


    Lowering the water bath from the wheel takes two twists of a knob, it requires about as much effort as turning on a switch and certainly less than writing presumptuous comments. The water is for lubrication, as anyone who has used a Tormek will know that ain't ever going to spin fast enough to...