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  1. Steliz

    Something new

    A calculator and a stapler are quite large items to try and fit into a desk tidy. If they must be included then I would probably make a tray with cylinders for the normal stuff.
  2. Steliz

    Stump Disection

    About a year ago I had a large Walnut tree (approx. 2ft diameter) cut down in my garden and recently a man with a JCB ripped the stump out of the ground. I do a mixture of turning and box making and I want to cut this up in the best way get the best grain. I've seen videos showing a lot of...
  3. Steliz

    For Sale Bessey cramps

    You need to state a price.
  4. Steliz

    Axminster 'out of stock'? Maybe not

    A while ago I wanted to order 4 bandsaw blades and a couple of other things from them for international delivery and there was a minimum order value to get free delivery. They only had 2 blades in stock so I waited a few weeks but they never had more than 2. I emailed them and they said I could...
  5. Steliz

    Coffee Container lining question

    OK, thanks for the ideas. I'll explore the metal inserts suggestion. I was 50/50 on whether to make a box or a turned container and I was probably going to go with a box just because it would be easier to make 3 that were alike. Turning tends to throw in surprises in terms of 'design features'.
  6. Steliz

    Dining Room Carver Chairs - Take 2

    I've never made a chair so maybe I don't understand the question but why would you require flexibility in the M&T joint? In any case, I would imagine that the amount of flex would be very small but would it not encourage the joint to open up?
  7. Steliz

    Coffee Container lining question

    That did cross my mind but they are already quite heavy and an odd oval shape.
  8. Steliz

    Coffee Container lining question

    My wife has requested that I make a set of coffee, tea, sugar containers to replace the perfectly good shop bought ceramic ones that are currently in use. While giving this a good thinking about it occured to me that keeping humidity out and occasionally cleaning them might prove troublesome...
  9. Steliz

    Electrical question

    The breaker types are C25 for the boiler circuit and all the others including the incoming phases are B type. The cable for the boiler circuit has the text 5G4 mm2 on it which suggests it is 4mm2 and not 6mm2. I'm not in the UK and I know nothing about Hungarian regs but the boiler is on it's...
  10. Steliz

    Electrical question

    It's definitely an overload as it has happened when an extra device is used such as the microwave when the dishwasher is running. It has happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks and nothing has been changed although the dishwasher is getting used more than it used to. The boiler provides the central...
  11. Steliz

    Electrical question

    Something curious occured and I wondered if anyone on here could offer some logical explanation. A radial circuit has been tripping in my house and it seems unusual to me. The circuit is for the kitchen sockets which has the fridge freezer as well as a second small freezer, dish washer...
  12. Steliz

    What are your woodworking goals for 2024?

    I don't set any goals. I make whatever I make as either a requirement of house maintenance/furniture or gifts which I wholly enjoy. The stuff I make just for my own pleasure is based on a whim of thought and my design process is so loose as to barely exist. I endeavour to try something new all...
  13. Steliz

    Best selling car 2023

    If you mean kindling for when the battery gets a bit hot then loads. :)
  14. Steliz

    Why is this dangerous kit being advertised on here?

    One of them is just a featherboard, what's the problem with them?
  15. Steliz

    Another bargain lathe for sale

    I have the same lathe and it's great, absolute bargain.
  16. Steliz

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A small cherry bowl with inlay and a little carving, a walnut pot with a celtic knot carving and a carved walnut garlic pot. Happy holidays to all.
  17. Steliz

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That's very pretty. Can I ask you where you source the hardware as I think I'm ready to tackle my own guitar build? I've seen a few kits online at around £45 but I was expecting it to be more expensive than that.
  18. Steliz

    scroll saw pattern Bear Family Wooden Puzzle Toy Family

    I've used this site for a couple of things. I've not looked for the pattern you have but it might be there.
  19. Steliz


    It's not a contraction of 'I'm not' as the 'I' is missing. If you said 'I amn't' it would be more correct but it still sounds like you didn't bother too much with school.
  20. Steliz

    Marples blue handled Sculpture tools?

    It's a good price but bear in mind that these gouge sizes are meant for larger carving projects.