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    Cars that make you smile

    My first car was a Ford 100E Anglia. I doubled up the front anti-roll bar that improved the handling and fitted a sand-racers additional overdrive gearbox. This doubled the number of gears. Added to the top speed a little. Plus the look on people's faces when you changed gear while reversing...
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    Cars that make you smile

    How do you get your wood home? 🙂
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    Convertible Mitre/Table Saws: any good?

    The Bosch looks pretty dangerous to me. I think I'd give it a miss. I bought a secondhand Elektra Bekum KGT500 flip saw which is IMHO safer and works well in a small shop. It's made out of an alloy (aluminium?) rather than steel but works well for me. In table saw mode it has a reasonably...
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    13A fuses - is there much difference?

    An interesting aside to this issue has happened to me. I have had an old Elektra Bekum planer thicknesser for several years which is connected with a 13A plug. Before I moved house it would break the 13A fuse on start up. Not the one in the plug but the inline one in the isolation switch as the...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    It's DEAD!!!! You've killed it. 😰😰😰😭😭😭
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I believe the traditional woods for the hub, spokes and rim are respectively elm to resist the splitting forces at the hub, oak because of its strength under compression and ash for its springiness that will give a modicum of suspension. Are they the woods you have used? I too would like to see...
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    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    I can certainly send them to you. PM me please. I'll enclose a 3D printed guide for drilling the holes in the machine. You'll also have to source a short length (36mm) of rod to act as the hinge.
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    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    A slap-it-off paddle for my ancient table saw. My Elektra Bekum table saw just has two 15mm buttons to turn it on or off. I want an off switch actuator that is more readily available, the sort where you don't have to find when something goes wrong or you can operate with your knee. Designed from...
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    Joke Thread 4

    Wow! Some jokes! Anyone would think someone's complained there weren't any here on the joke thread. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    There is a brand called ADOLA who make knives sold through Wolfswinkel GMBH. Could the 'underline' be a stylised A? The current trademark is somewhat different though. Just my penny worth (though it's probably not even worth a penny! )
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    Router table / router question

    And of course if you have access to a 3D printer you can always print a simple jig to either make a circular jig to give you an accurate centre to mark out from or a larger one you can drill through where your router mounting holes should be or something in between. Have fun Martin
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    3D printer location

    Yes though not so you'd notice. I don't notice any/much ABS smell when its printing. I have seen that some owners have but additional extraction onto their Roboxs and/carbon filters but I've never bothered.
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    Removing a wash hand basin

    This where Sod's applies: the dynamite will remove the WHB, the wall and the copper pipes but I'll lay money on it NOT unblocking the trap! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    3D printer location

    My Robox RBX01 lives in it's standard enclosure upon my desk indoors. I have it sitting on blocks of high density foam to reduce the sound by blocking the reverberations and the desk top acting as a sounding board. I only print ABS but take no precautions to keep the filament from absorbing...
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    Removing a wash hand basin

    A couple of months ago I removed a WHB that was fixed to the wall using a couple of french cleat style brackets (each one about 1" long). It just lifted off. Of course I didn't realise that until I'd started removing screws. Yours could be similar but with the screws hidden under the basin...
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    Rotary tool... Dremel or something else?

    How about your oval holes in two pieces of say 10mm thick wood and then space them so they are 55mm apart, fixed to a backing piece? In other words a U shaped affair with the holes in the uprights? Does that make any sense?
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    6th Vintage Hand Tool 'Extravaganza',13th April 2024

    That's the effect of inflation! 🤣
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    Marples No2200 square restoration questions

    I too was taught/told to mark-up using the outside edge of the blade and more times than other do use that. But I just occasionally find I have to use the inside. Also if I'm checking a second face is square to the first, for example if I am planing a batten, then I invariably use the inside...
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    Speaker boxes/cabinets

    An interesting thread. My partner's father used to work for the BBC, then left and set up Spendor. His son took over the company and sold it on his retirement. However his services are still demanded so he's still busy well into his 70's designing speakers.
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    So how do I do this?

    @GeoffW and @peter-harrison thanks for your informative videos. I'll follow one method or the other. Martin