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    Biscuit jointer

    Didn't catch what they are made from but I'm guessing plastic. Only useful if you have no clamps. I use the plywood biscuits formerly known as Tanselli. You will snap a conventional biscuit across the diagonal but certainly not a plywood biscuit. The Domino has replaced biscuits to some extent...
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    Convertible Mitre/Table Saws: any good?

    My first saw was a Scheppach table/ miter saw very similar to this. The table allows ripping of small boards up to about 2 " thick which beats hand cutting everytime. As a starter saw it should do the basics . Blade guarding is minimal so have plenty of pushsticks to hand.
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    Biscuit jointer

    If you can find a Lamello Top 10 for £100 then grab it. The adjusting knob is very handy. All joiners should be used with dust extraction and the Lamello needs a plastic gizmo to attach to it's oval shaped outlet. As for strength they should be fine but I would buy the Sliverline plywood...
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    Making sideboard

    Dowels are a low budget method but don't forget you ideally need a set of clamps to bring the joints together. If you could invest in a ( cheap ) biscuit joiner then you could use Lamello Clamex S 20 plates which are more than strong enough. Not exactly cheap either but clean and can be...
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    New Joiner

    Put your money into the largest possible shed. Heat it in the winter. As the years go by it will fill up and you will congratulate yourself on a wise decision however painful it was financially.
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    Elm / Apple wall cabinet

    Nice work and a great bit of salvage. I'm surprised there is little contrast between the Elm and the Apple.
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    "Strange" Hegner Scroll Saw

    No idea. It has the Hegner hold down just to the left it which is well worth having.
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    Anybody seen a gate bolt like this one?

    An angle grinder would have that off in a few seconds. Incidentally you can get security screws which only tighten clockwise. They cannot be undone with a screwdriver.
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    Table saw safety

    Don't forget the back of the blade is rising and while not actually cutting it can pinch the sides of the cut and kick it up .Most kickbacks are however caused by short pieces twisting in the cut allowing the back of the blade to grab it. I have an American saw with accessories and it is the...
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    Table saw safety

    I'm 30 years using a tablesaw and no injuries so far. A few danger points are : 1 Cutting thick boards over 2" especially Iroko. The twisted grain can pinch the blade and kickback. You will feel resistance and possibly see burning. Stop immediately and take shallow cuts instead.. 2 . Cutting...
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    What tool should I buy next?

    My thoughts are : 1 Brand loyalty is never a good idea. The Chinese make mediocre power tools that are rebranded to look like western tools. They will all eventually fail.. 2 We buy with our eyes not our head. If you have a problem doing something then mull over it for a week or two. A solution...
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    Recommendations for iron-on Beech veneer 19mm

    Lee Valley in Canada sell a twin router bit set that routs a crescent shaped edge on the door and a convex shaped edge on solid wood to match. The join is completely invisible but still solid wood. Worth the investment assuming you have a router table.
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    What's the best way to make mitred joins for keepsake box?

    I recently invested in a Jessem table saw miter fence. Apart from being accurate it will clamp the wood and cut to a stop up to 46". A stop is essential in my view - it stops the wood sliding laterally as well.
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    What's the best way to make mitred joins for keepsake box?

    Ideally a quality miter fence on the table saw set to 45 degrees. Check that the blade is perfectly at 90 to the table with a digital inclinometer and the wood should be clamped down. Failing that either option on the miter saw will work but again the wood should be clamped down.
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    Lay out pens?

    A 2B pencil. Harder pencil marks can be a bu##er to remove.
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    Extractor for DW733 thicknesser

    Be sure to get one with a cartridge top. The older bags blow a lot of dust through them.
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    Wooden vice thread set

    I had a look around and the Maple / Taiwanese cutters seem to have disappeared. They were commonplace last time I looked. will sell you some very expensive cutters - beautifully made German tools. For the OP the trick with threadcutting is precision. Drill the recommended...
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    Wooden vice thread set

    I've got a set going from 1/2 " up to 1 1/4 " . Can't remember where I bought them but they are surprisingly useful. They are all maple and seem to come out of the same factory in Taiwan. I use the 1" to attach a pedestal leg to Shaker candle stands and they are rock solid. It's worth investing...
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    making simple unfinished wood picture frames - what set up for a newbie?

    Getting professional results is difficult without the correct tools. A picture framer will typically use a miter cutter and underpinning machine to join perfect miters together. As an amateur I think should achieve good results with a small table saw using a jig for the miters. It would also...
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    Loose MDF door hinges and screws

    Use cranked self closing hinges. They screw into the face of the door and faceframe. Cheap and available in a lot of finishes.