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    Help identifying a piece of furniture

    We had pretty much exactly the same unit in our hall with a telephone on it.
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    Fox Alien CNC Router Machine 4040-XE any good

    I have gone on a bit of journey with CNC machines over the last couple of years, I started with a generic desktop 3018, I realised very quickly I enjoyed the whole CNC thing and spent the next couple of days researching models. I was down to two manufacturers sainsmart and fox alien. I...
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    For Sale Southern Yellow Pine Roubo Workbench Parts and Gramercy Holdfasts

    Lets hope something comes up for you soon, I am sure it will. That bench looks like it will be a cracker, I just don't think my credit card needs me to spend anymore on it!
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    Buying cheapest wood for woodwork practice in the UK

    Thanks for the great explanation, everyday is certainly a skool day
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    Buying cheapest wood for woodwork practice in the UK

    Hi Johnny, I totally agree on time I wish I had less to do and far more time. Can I ask what you mean by Red Deal? Thanks
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    Looking forward to seeing your bench build sir
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    Sold Axminster Numatic NV750-2 Chip dust extractor vacuum cleaner hoover HepaFlo

    Sorry to hear that bp, what line of work are you in? And if only you were closer I would of brought this vac Boschboy. It would be perfect for me.
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    Google/youtube tips, Can't find an option to search older videos first.

    So this is possible using Boolean search terms. This will look for what you want using a precise language. The easiest way to do this and the most simple is make sure YouTube only returns results for what you search for. Let me try and explain it with an example. If you search for arc welder...
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    FTAGH Bit of Box wood

    Thank you, if you fancy popping down to Wendover Shed at any point you will be more than welcome, let me know and the kettle will be on :)
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    FTAGH Bit of Box wood

    If this doesn’t go please let me know, I live in Aston Clinton so very local.
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    Bought my first lathe yesterday 😁

    I am the same, I love the idea of doing it but keep telling myself I have no room. My mens shed now has a few Lathes setup and we’re going to have some lessons from Gary Rance who is local and I have seen him in action, he was awesome.
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    Triton Tra001 Router question

    I have the same router and mine is attached to the triton router table this was then placed in a cutout of my bench. The underside of the table is a big cupboard which also houses the router and the vac. This keeps the dust in one area and I use a vac on the extraction point above. I did...
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    Greetings from Aston Clinton, Bucks

    Thank you Bingy, was a little cold up there this morning!
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    Greetings from Aston Clinton, Bucks

    Hi all, I thought it was about time I said hello properly and follow up on my new year resolution of getting involved more in social media. Have been a lurker for a good while and learnt so much from some great minds and talented people on here. I am very much a newbie and I have been...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thats really lovely and looks so much more real than the cnc ones
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    Bosch PBD 40 Drill - Table?

    Hi akirk, I have this drill and yes the table is fixed. You can move the drill head up and down by loosening the top handle on the left hand side of the drill. The drill also has a depth stop which is controlled on the left hand side as well, these will stop you being able to turn the wheel...
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    For Sale Makita LB1200F/2 Bandsaw 240V

    I am not a million miles away from you in bucks but this may seem like a silly question is this 240v?
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    Sold SOLD.

    Hi Joe, I would like to take the track saw and track off of you please.
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    External NVR placement on Dewalt 745 after near miss

    So first time post and as this is something I resolved myself this past weekend I thought I would share and move me from a lurker to a sharer. I have the exact same saw and the position of the switch is absolutely awful. Being 6'5" it was meaning i was having to take my eyes off the blade...