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    Sold Sjobergs 1900 Workbench for sale - Norfolk

    Can this be dismantled for transport in an estate car or would it need to be moved as it is?
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    Registering a trust with HMRC?

    Doug, I'm a retired financial adviser and it certainly can be complicated. This HMRC guide may be of some help to you.
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    Series 3: Britain's Best Woodworker

    Exactly. My wife told me that she is watching it, so it must be a game show...
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    Dry Oak.

    I would suggest a wax such as Fiddes Supreme.
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    Which wood for an outside box ?

    I did something similar using surplus featherboard fencing pales. It's used to hold garden tools but is out in the open and so far, it's been fine. Felted roof, sloping as you have suggested. Would certainly be a much cheaper option than some of the wood species mentioned.
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    Non toxic treatment for birdboxes

    Bare wood for me too, so it will be interesting to hear from anyone who successfully uses a treatment which doesn't put off the birds.
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    BLO not hardening: Options?

    Here's a UK based supplier in Suffolk, Ingilby Paints Limited. Although I haven't used their linseed oil paint, I have tried other products and very good they are too.
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    Union Jubilee advice

    Not all of them came with the foot pedal.
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    Sold Lie Nielsen No. 6 and Veritas LA jack.

    Adam, Interested in the LN no. 6, when you are ready. Cheers Phil
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    How do you identify wood?

    Anybody can be caught out on occasion, as wood from the same tree will often look so different. This is the pleasure in working with wood, perhaps more so on the lathe, when the inside grain patterns can be revealed. I can recall at the woodturning club, where lumps of wood were passed around...
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    Sold Record Power AC400 Air Filter

    Just to confirm that this has now been collected and is no longer available.
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    Sold Record Power AC400 Air Filter

    Hi Andy, it's yours then. I've sent you a PM about contact details. Cheers, Phil
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    Sold Record Power AC400 Air Filter

    This air filter is only a few years old and works on the lowest speed setting only. I believe that this may be just a case of replacing some fuses within the unit but I have moved on and no longer need this unit. It is taking up space and is available free for collection only. I live in the...
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    For Sale Camvac CGV336-4 dust Extractor (twin motor 100mm) & Axminster Light duty Variable height hood.

    Scooby, I'll take this from you please, if it's still available. Do you want to send me a PM with details. Cheers Phil
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    Where to buy blue paper roll these days

    I get mine from Costco. White or blue.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    Another thumbs up here from me for Tuffsaws.
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    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    No, you didn't sign this copy but I have to say that it's well worth the full asking price, never mind what I paid Jacob. Highly recommended to other members.
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    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    Book arrived safely today, Jacob. Many thanks
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    For Sale Books of interest

    Thanks for the tip Phil. On the look out...
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    For Sale Books of interest

    Hi Sawdust I would like to buy: Understanding Wood The Village Carpenter and Woodland Crafts please. Thanks Phil