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    Fixed caster wheels 100mm/4"

    The shape of the bracket is the relevant consideration. A standard castor, with mounting points equidistant on either side of the axle, has the load at 90 degrees off the vertical surface and importantly has the mounting points close together. The photo the OP referenced has a bracket that...
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    SLW? Systematic Lumpsum Withdrawal?? I've found OSB to be unexpectedly robust, unpainted, outdoors and exposed to the elements. For example, a part sheet on top of a cement mixer to protect from the weather - 2 years on its still fully intact and doing the job perfectly. I've extended to the...
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    Fixed caster wheels 100mm/4"

    Mounting a fixed castor on its side would result in serious leverage that's liable pull it off the tool stand. It should be ok if you could fabricate an 'L' mount to allow it to be mounted upright and further outboard. Alternatively you could consider these...
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    Threading tap - square conversion to 1/4 or 3/8 drive

    You could simply use an 8 point socket of the appropriate size to suit your tap. 8point sockets are designed for square nuts. Alternatively go for these...
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    Solution for awkward under-sink cabinets

    Are you going to disconnect and remove the sink to install it in the new worktop? If you are, then the best solution is to make a custom ‘corner’ cabinet to fill the entire space, with a pair of doors that open the whole corner. I would suggest a half height, removable back panel, obviously...
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    Saw Sharpening Service Recomendations

    Not much help to you but I am very fortunate to live approximately 1 mile from an excellent saw sharpening business, Mason Saw Services. Highly recommended for any other Northern Irish members.
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    CNC for kitchen cabinets

    You’re probably not thinking of this level of a machine but worth a watch, of all 4 episodes, nevertheless.
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    Going back to your initial post and the suggested option of the more formal, raised brick beds. Don't rule out this option and consider dry walling as a diy solution. These are specifically designed for retaining. This would avoid a massive amount of heavy work excavating hardcore, clay etc...
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    Attaching 12mm pipe at right angles.

    I ‘get’ the desire to make it yourself but fully adjustable handles are available in a similar style, if you decide it’s not worth the effort.
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    Router table / router question

    An alternative method would be: Get a sheet of plain card eg side of Cornflakes box Remove your router from the table Fit screws into your router base and bit into the router Dab paint onto screw heads and tip of router bit Set onto the card and plunge the bit till it marks the card Now you will...
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    Machinery wheels? Casters

    Take a look at the wheel kit for the SIP 01332 table saw. It is an excellent concept, making the saw easily manoeuvrable yet it sits solidly as soon as it's moved. Also retains the original height - anything else will raise the height considerably...
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    Solution for rats in my garage

    Specsavers HQ
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    concrete/cement hardener

    We must be from the same era. I well remember my granny preserving eggs in waterglass, in large black 'crocs' (black, glazed terracotta pots). My grandparents kept free range hens and these preserved eggs were generally used for baking.
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    Milwaukee table saw

    A few years ago, during lockdown 1, I took the opportunity to sell all my cordless tools, of various brands, on FB Marketplace. Actually my daughter listed them for me and all sold within hours. I kept only my Milwaukee 18v drill and since then have added a couple more Milwaukee 18v, on the...
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    Log Cabin Workshop 3.5m x 4.5m

    "happy to advise" certainly, but you are likely to get a personal opinion/interpretation or even an adopted position that may or may not be accurate. Heights are measured from the highest point of the established ground level adjacent to the footprint of the building.
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    Budget mitre saw with forward facing rails

    For your criteria another +1 for the DeWalt DWS774. I have one as well as a 250mm Makita chop saw. I'm not sure what is the difference between the 773 and 774, other than an extra 100w motor. There doesn't seem to be any/much price premium for the 774. Is the 774 just a newer upgrade of the 773?
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    Marples No2200 square restoration questions

    I hesitate to ask, but what is the 'rod' method that you refer to Jacob? Thanks.
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    Armouring internet cable under grave driveway

    If I would set out to address this issue I would typically aim for overkill and future proofing. Thinking along the line of running a split (on table saw) along a 32mm waste pipe, enclose the cable, seal split with duct tape, deepen & widen trench and encase pipe in concrete with a couple of...
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    Hi. Theatre set builder here

    Welcome and looking forward to seeing the writing shack project in progress.
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    Electronics Project help needed.

    I much prefer to repair rather than replace but sometimes it's just not practical or cost effective. This looks like one of those times to me. However, hats off to you if you can get it sorted at reasonable cost.