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    If you don’t vote, @Stigmorgan, you forfeit the right to complain about anything the government does.
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    Joke Thread 4

    Your statement “…in fact the big advantage of non-plug-in hybrids is that regenerative braking…” implies that other types of vehicle do not have this advantage. I was simply trying to be accurate.
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    Joke Thread 4

    Not just ‘non-plug-in hybrids’. We have a full EV and a PHEV, and both use regenerative braking.
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    Router guide bush thread dimensions

    A follow on from this. I've successfully printed sub-bases for both my routers that work perfectly with the Katsu threaded bushes I'd bought. Then I needed a second 30mm bush so that I could use both routers on the same job (making t-slots). A search for just a 30mm bush led me to Trend...
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    Securing a tracksaw rail to bench dogs

    In principle, no. The reason I made them was that I’m a cheapskate with a 3D printer, and I baulked at the price some of the (Etsy?) sellers were asking for these! I’m more than happy, though, to share the .stl file so you can print your own, and I’d happily make the odd pair really as a...
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    Dog Proof Clear Finish on Mahogany

    Oil or Treatex.
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    Dust port sizes

    The answer’s definitely the 3D printer and the Cen-tec system. In my workshop, I have a Camvac extractor connected to a 63mm ducting spine. Table saw, router table, disc sander and drill press are connected to it via blast gates and 63mm flex ducting. An outlet above my workbench has a blast...
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    Advice needed for wiring a segmented lighthouse lamp

    Those LEDs include a resistor in the package. If you buy the 12v version, then you can simply wire them in parallel with the 12V spotlight.
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    Advice needed for wiring a segmented lighthouse lamp

    Are you intending to use a 240V spotlight at the top, powered directly from the mains? If that’s the case, connecting simple LEDs lower down will be difficult. LEDs are devices (diodes) that conduct in one direction only; connected to AC, the diode will block half of each cycle. In the...
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    A bit wider... but how much? Drilling template, one round, one elongated hole

    Or, as we say, “If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.”
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    Joke Thread 4

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    CNC MFT Top bought and recommended

    Easy enough if you cut it into 200mm squares 😀
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    20mm Bench dogs and 20mm hole sizes??

    See this (very old) thread
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    20mm Bench dogs and 20mm hole sizes??

    In my experience, Forstner bits all seem to cut slightly (~0.3mm) undersize. In this case, I’d take the advice to ream the holes either with one of the UJK reamers, or with a standard 20mm reamer.
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    Hydrofugo in the rain

    Marine ply? Or how about solid tree wood?
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    Bolt/ screw head

    Beware the Rutland’s kit - it’s all imperial sizes.
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    EGR valve

    And it’s probably safe to infer that other aspects of maintenance will likely have been neglected, too.
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    MFT and Rail Square - my thoughts

    I used these: hth
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    The joys of electric car ownership!

    We’ve got one of those - VW e-UP! (formerly only available in Yorkshire). Max range ~150 miles, working range ~100-130 miles, charge overnight from a standard mains socket. It’s absolutely brilliant.
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    Traditional Bed frame

    I used these: to repair a commercial bed frame that had used hook plates at the corners, and had started to creak alarmingly. I used 2 of the fittings per corner, 6 or 7 years ago, and they’re still completely secure.