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    Spraying leyland acrylic primer undecoat

    Did you go ahead? I’m in the same position. About to spray a couple of doors, architrave and skirting. Already have some Leylan acrylic primer undercoat I want to use. I have a Graco airless with FFLP tips. My thought is that I’ll need to water done by 10-20%. The leyland site does say you could...
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    20mm Bench dogs and 20mm hole sizes??

    Benchdog also do one with an o ring (quad dogs). Again expensive, but excellent as are all their products that I have tried.
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    Sander and vacuum

    Mirka Deros & Deos with Festool CTL midi extractor combo here. Love it. Don’t use the Bluetooth - don’t see the point.
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    Pillar drill recommendations (240v, single phase)

    Just what I’ve read from reviews by owners. Perhaps there have been quality issues with some batches? User setup error? I’m very interested in getting one as my inherited cheapo 500w Ferm struggled with drilling ash for tea light holders. I am about to do a project drilling 8mm mild steel plate...
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    Pillar drill recommendations (240v, single phase)

    Reviews I’ve seen of the Bosch PDB40 have been pretty scathing regards the accuracy and ability cope with anything other than light duty. I wish you luck!
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    Using an impact Driver for Screwing?

    I tend just to use it for drilling/screwing in awkward spots and maybe as a pilot, countersink leaving the impact free for screwing. It small light and comfortable, but at 12v does not have the oomph to drive anything large.
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    How to smoothen wall paint

    Easifill or toupret
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    Using an impact Driver for Screwing?

    I’ve had this for over 5 years. Bought to fit a kitchen and it was invaluable for getting close up to panels (offset head) and for working on top of the cupboards (90 degree head).
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    What is the correct chisel to use for opening metal paint tins?

    £1.50 on Amazon, but you have to buy 2 😂😂
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    Single most useful tool in your shop

    Sliding compound mitre saw. Only ever bought one (Makita 10”) and had it for 20+ years. Had a huge amount of use.
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    Table saws, full sheets & wide pieces

    I think you mean Peter Millard? Would second that. Peter has some excellent content out there on YouTube and other platforms.