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    Craft Fair Items for sale

    I have retired from doing Craft Fairs and due to a pending house downsize I want to declutter, so have quite a few items available. See list below followed by photos. (Can only upload 3 photos, don't understand why?) All of these items if sold individually at Craft Fairs would be about £670, I...
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    Woodworking Electrical Accessories for sale REDUCED

    Due to pending house sale I am reducing my woodworking kit. Second up electrical accessories of various types and sizes. Some are used, some unused. Due to the volume there's too much to list individually, so hopefully the photos. will provide sufficient information. £15 for the lot. Cash on...
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    Dust Extraction Accessories for sale REDUCED

    Due to pending house sale I am reducing my woodworking kit. First up are in excess of 40 dust extraction accessories of various types and sizes. Some are used, some unused. Due to the volume there's too much to list individually, so hopefully the photos. will provide sufficient information. The...
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    Strap hinges on oak doors- problem!

    About 7 years ago when we had an extension built we replaced the pine doors with oak ledged and braced ones. All were hung with hinges similar to these http://www.hafele.co.uk/shop/p/tudor/tu ... 85126/9915. In the last few days I noticed that the kitchen door was not closing correctly and this...
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    Is there a cheap and effective way to make drawer runners ..

    I'm giving the kitchen a makeover and one of the things that I'd like to resolve is the noisy roller drawer runners that also don't have soft close. I know I could replace with Blum or similar drawer boxes or make some boxes and use soft close full extension runners. Both options are outside...
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    Anybody know anything about Discount Kitchen Factory

    I'm thinking of buying 4 carcasses from this company https://www.discountkitchenfactory.co.uk, but as they are not local to me wondered if anybody has dealt with them? If so how did you get on?
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    Kitchen knife sharpener - any good?

    Just seen this on Rutlands website http://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+electric-d ... age+DK6802 Has anybody tried this and if so is it any good? Our kitchen knives a lot of tlc before the Christmas turkey is tackled!!!
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    Selling a car

    My wife wants to sell her Morris Minor Traveller and is thinking of putting it on eBay with a reserve. We are both a bit unsure how to safely get paid - bit anxious about giving out bank details to a stranger although like the speed & convenience of faster payments; wary of cash in case of...
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    Where to buy CMT router bits In UK or Italy

    I am looking for a CMT 85100211B router bit and can only find it here http://scosarg.com/cmt-851-bowl-and-tra ... -35-d.html They won't send by Royal Mail and courier cost is £7.95. Total cost £38.34. Amazon have one from an Italian (where CMT are made I think) supplier...
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    Sycamore, should I ?

    I have a couple of planks of sawn Sycamore, air dried, probably 20% MC. I'm putting this in my timber rack (basically shelf brackets with softwood strips on the metal) to dry, should I plane it to flat & square (not final dimensions) to help with drying? Or is there a better way? I run a...
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    Jet JTS 250 Arbour squeaking!

    Hi I was just changing the blade and noticed that as I turned the arbour it made a squeaky / scratchy noise. This has never happened before, and did not happen earlier today when I did a blade change? Does anybody have any ideas what might cause this and how to fix it please?
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    Router Table Dust Extraction

    I have a Trend T11 in a Kreg router table and would like to set up a good dust extraction system above & below the table. Looking at http://www.keen-products.com/routertables.htm it seemed a solution. However the blue silicone piece requires an approx 85 mm diameter hole in the router base to...
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    Feather Boards

    Hi Has anybody tried this Rutlands kit http://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+feather-bo ... kit+DK6685 If so what do you think of it? Or should I save up for this instead http://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+woodworkin ... essem+4215 Which do you think are the best please?
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    Today's Challenges!!!

    Well today I thought that I would do what should have been some simple jobs in the workshop; oooh how wrong I was :cry: CHALLENGE 1 On Saturday a replacement sanding pad arrived for my Metabo 450 Duo, so I set about changing it this morning. I cannot get the hex bolt undone. I am trying to...
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    I'm afraid I'm looking for help yet again, sorry :oops: This time I need to build a wardrobe into a bedroom alcove, the access to the top & bottom of the stairs leading to the bedroom is very restricted. It will have to be built or assembled on site. Not sure if the room can be cleared of...
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    Cyclones - some queries

    I have a Camvac 286W, twin motor, 63mm outlet, Cyclone Central 100mm inlet / outlet on a metal 45 gallon drum. This week & last week I have been planing a lot of oak and have so far had to empty the drum about 5 times. This is a messy process as dust escapes as I empty the drum into bin liners...
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    Jet JTS 250 Supersaw - Modification Recommendations please

    I bought this a couple of years ago. It is a good machine but I am unhappy with two aspects which I would like to modify if someone can help me please. Firstly the mitre gauge that attaches to the sliding table is slow to take on / off and very fiddly to get accurate. I have built a cross cut...
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    Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Doors

    I have a bathroom cabinet which has mirrors on the doors. With the doors closed it just looks like two mirrors. The mirrors, when you open the doors, have no visible fixings to the door core (I think it is MFC wrapped); however there is a small gap between door core and mirror. I can't work out...
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    Apps - Quotes, invoices, Purchases & Expenses, Mileage

    Has anybody come across a good app that does all of these items? As far as I have found so far there only seem to be ones that do Quotes & Invoices, or Expenses or Mileage. Just think it would be more convenient to have all the information in the one place.
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    Felder / Hammer Spring Show - anyone going?

    Their Spring in house show in Milton Keynes takes place on 4 & 5 April. Unfortunately I cannot make it. Just wondering if some kind soul who is going could get their planer knife offer (2 for 1) for me. The offer says they won't post / courier. If you can help please PM me so we can sort out...