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    Jet Bandsaw Motor Not Spinning Freely

    Hi all, I took delivery of my new (to me) Jet bandsaw yesterday and had to strip off some of the heavier lumps in order to be able to lug it into the workshop. When I took off the motor I noticed that the motor spindle doesn’t spin freely. As far as I can remember all my previous machinery’s...
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    Lathe for chairmaking & more - Envoy, Herald, Axi 406

    I've been looking for a new lathe and thought I'd settled on the Herald but the lack of mass and the short-ish bed started to concern me. The more I looked around the more I realised that my £1000 budget just wasn't going to buy me the lathe I desire (not new anyway). I began to look at the RP...
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    FS: 3 qty 102" Axminster Bandsaw Blades

    I have three spare bandsaw blades, all 102" long, all brand new and sealed in their packets. They are Axminster blades; 2 are BB102124 and the other is BB102584. Not sure exactly what the spec of the blades is but I'll try and measure them and count teeth etc if anyone is interested. £25 inc...
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    £1000 Bandsaws (Again!) Axi vs SIP vs Sabre 350

    Hi All, I have read a lot of threads about bandsaws over the last few weeks and seem to have developed that dreaded state of analysis paralysis! I am looking at the Axminster AT 2552B , the SIP 01444 , and the Record Sabre 350. On paper, and going with the old addage that heavier is better...
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    SOLD: Makita 5377MG Hypoid Circular Saw

    Hi All, As this is the last of my 110V tools and I don't really give it much use I have decided to part (begrudgingly!) with my Makita 5377MG Hypoid Saw. This saw is amazing - forget everything you know about circular saws, this thing is a beast! I imported it from the USA about 3 years ago...
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    Withdrawn: Clifton Bronze Low Angle Block Plane

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    FS: Plum and Holly Logs

    Hi All, I have a couple of logs that were cut about 18 months ago. They have been stored in the shade and kept dry so they should be in decent condition and have some good usable wood (probably best suited to turning??). In the photo of both logs the holly is the slightly shorter one. They...
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    SOLD: Scheppach TS4010 Fully Loaded!

    Now SOLD to Lazarus - Thank you.
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    SOLD: The Practical Woodworker Vols 1, 2 & 4

    Having another thinning out of my book collection. The Practical Woodworker by Bernard E. Jones Volumes 1, 2 and 4 - I never got around to buying Volume 3! :lol: These are beautifully written and illustrated. They are concise (no waffle to pad out the pages) and get straight to the point...
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    Eskilstuna No.6 Corrugated Plane

    Hi All, Over the last few weeks I have been downsizing my workshop and clearing out some of the items that I don't use etc. The other day I stumbled upon this old plane that I inherited some years ago and has been sat at the back of a cupboard ever since. Having Googled around for it I...
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    Dust and Chip Collection 'System' - Again.... Sorry!

    Hi All, I know that there has been an almost immeasurable amount of discussion regarding dust and chip collection here before - I have read a great deal of it already. That said, I apologise if I am covering old ground. If anyone can point me to specific posts/threads I'd be very grateful as I...
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    Kity 638 Planer/thicknesser - help needed please

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I stripped down my Kity 638 to machine some new bushes for it and give it a general service and clean. What with one thing or another I didn't get around to reassembling it until yesterday. When I looked at the collection of parts before me my mind went a bit hazy and I...
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    Newly made oak windows and condensation

    Hi All, First off, apologies to mods if this is in the wrong board, I wasn't sure if it should be here or in General Chat. About a year ago I made a batch of oak sash windows for our old stone-built farm cottage that we are renovating. They were to replace uPVC windows that weren't old and...
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    Spindle Moulder Tooling - Single Knife?

    I have just purchased my first spindle moulder, a second hand Kity 1629, and it arrived with a load of tooling and knives. I have sorted through them all and there are dozens of knives which have no matching knife, ie not a pair. I am not about to mount a single knife in a block and spin it up...
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    Kity 619 Riving Knife

    I have just bought a Kity 619. It's over ten years old so it's one of the original French made ones (if that makes any difference!?) but it's missing it's riving knife. I called NMA who were incredibly knowledgable and helpful however they wanted almost £60 for a replacement riving knife. I'm...
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    UJK Precision Mitre Gauge

    Hi All, I am just about take delivery of my first real table saw (a Kity 619) and I have been looking at alternative mitre gauges for it. Firstly, does anyone know if it has a standard slot or is it some obscure proprietary size? Secondly I have just spotted the UJK Precision Mitre Gauge on...