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    How to alter frame to take 44mm door

    Old school would be chisel to chop down to the line like you would for a butt hinge, then rebate or shoulder plane to clean it up and split the line. Corners and the bottom 4” are difficult and need to be done mostly with a chisel and bullnose. A router might work if you’ve enough width to tack...
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    Dewallt dw 1370 radial arm saw

    I’d recommend just using it as a crosscut saw as ripping with a radial arm isn’t advised.
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    The 5-cut method explained in detail

    I’ve used this method to square up the radial arm saw at work with a 20” ish square piece of MDF. Surprisingly effective.
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    Table Saw w/ability to take a dado stack.

    Your cuts are too deep.
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    Riving knife

    It’s the pinching that causes that as well.
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    Saw stop ( USA )

    You don’t own a Table Saw yet here you are lecturing experienced users about operating Table Saws 🤷‍♂️
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    Riving knife thickness

    That sounds like an excellent idea!
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    Using a planer/thicknesser blade height jig

    I purchased some once but sent them back as I could set the blades more accurately with the traditional two line method.
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    Single or double marking gauge for M+T joint?

    It was always a Mortise Gauge for marking mortises, and always marked from the Face Side. This was to guarantee flush joints due to the possibility of uneven thickness hand prepared stock. Not so much of a problem with machined stock but still nice to keep up traditions.
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    Upside down doors

    Show us his hinge and latch recesses, and the shadow gap, this’ll tell us if he’s a carpenter or not.
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    Vice lubrication, rust prevention - Spares
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    What improvements do you think i could make to my jig?

    I’m beginning to think you have shares in this jig.
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    What improvements do you think i could make to my jig?

    I think you’re missing the point here Elisha, you’re dismissing the opinions of people who have many years experience of doing this for a living. I explained in my previous post your jig is perhaps flawed, and even suggested an alternative that might be a better idea.
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    Well that's embarrassing !

    Nice chisels!
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    I have just boughta faily clean ML8

    Notice I said unthreaded, as in bolt and nut…
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    What improvements do you think i could make to my jig?

    Norm Abram had a small Hitachi resaw he’d use for sawing veneers. It was only the same size as a 12” bandsaw but took a 3” blade.
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    I have just boughta faily clean ML8

    If they’re just unthreaded holes the nearest sized metric bolt will do.
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    What improvements do you think i could make to my jig?

    I rip then run it over the surfacer, rip again and surface, that way there’s only one face to clean up and there’s always a straight reference against the fence.
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    Trend T8EK router stiff mechanism

    Hi, I’ve got the equivalent DeWalt router at work fixed to a router table. I can confirm it’s quite stiff to adjust, which is probably due to the stiff springs required to work against its weight when stood on its baseplate. A popular thing years ago with the old Ryobi 1/2” was to remove the...
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    Nice upgraded jointer planer on eBay

    That looks a nice machine, cutter block seems to have been upgraded as well.