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    Metal Square Saved.

    Nice restoration. Is it still square? I picked up a couple of rusty squares and unfortunately both turned out to be out of square.
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    Helping out a family member

    Don't mix family and work, especially for big jobs like this. And you'll be on call forever if the slightest thing goes wrong
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    Shooting board woes

    After a few weeks busy with other things, I finally got a few hours to see if I can dial in perfect 90. Still not having much luck, not sure what I'm doing wrong, so I'll seek an alternative to a perfect shooting board. I'll try my hand at planing to a scribed line or maybe even the Paul...
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    Shooting board woes

    I haven't had a chance to respond in full to all the useful advice received so I'll add some quick brief comments. The wood I tested with most was 1cm thick Sapele I think - the curls were coming off very fine and I could crush to dust with my fingers. It was out of square as if the fence...
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    Shooting board woes

    From the many YouTube tutorials I've seen, a shooting board should be a quick project that a relatively inexperienced woodworker can do. But I am struggling with getting square ends and am on the verge of throwing out my 3rd attempt. For some reason, I just can't get it to be square after...
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    The joys of a well tuned plane

    Looks great! Share some details :) what did you do to tune it up?
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    Travel Tool Chest / Workbench

    Absolutely amazing work! What tools do you pack in it? I'd be interested to know your 'essential' tools because I definitely need something like this!
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    Just another box, but it’s my first one.

    Looks fantastic, the lid doesn't look out of place although it's worth experimenting with slimmer ones. How did you find working with that wood species? I have similar offcuts that someone threw in for free and find it quite prone to tearout.
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    Clifton No 5 - New toy, new joy

    Nice buy 👍 Would love to hear your thoughts after using for a few weeks as I am considering treating myself to one of these as well
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    Electrician, or who for a bathroom fan job ?

    Looks like a leak from above to me...very similar event at my parent's house, except it was water from their bathroom damaging the kitchen ceiling. The leak doesn't have to be very obvious either, a small continuous leak can cause something like this - water always finds a way out. In their case...
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    Planing a board flat - Is there literally no light when testing with a straight edge?

    How close did you get to no light showing at all? I've often asked myself the same question as you did in your first post and struggled to get there.
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    Saw dust - should I be worried?

    My space is shared with other items and I have just enough space for a workbench and collection of hand tools. I don't use any power tools for woodworking. There are doses of ripping and cross cutting but timewise, very small compared to resawing. Takes a while to get through the pieces and...
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    Saw dust - should I be worried?

    As I don't have space for power tools, I do all my sawing by hand. Recently I have been resawing oak and sapele and noticed dust settling all over so I'm worried about breathing it in. How worried do I need to be about saw dust from hand saw? I see in the US they have box fans and you can...
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    Veritas marking gauge looses its setting

    Frankly I refer Reddit to this forum. The endless and pointless arguing is very off putting.
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    Glue suitable for chopping boards

    I'm sure it would be more than adequate. But given the price difference it doesn't make sense for me
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    Glue suitable for chopping boards

    Great, thanks Brian!
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    Glue suitable for chopping boards

    Hi, can you recommend a glue suitable for chopping boards, ideally a budget option as I am not making any money from making them! I am a hobbyist woodworker and have only used Everbuild 502 for small projects. I couldn't make head or tails out of the technical info on their website :LOL: and...
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    Old Stanley’s or new Quangsheng planes? Which do I need?

    I wouldn't recommend dropping £1k on planes when you can pick up vintage for a fraction of the price. Keep an eye on gumtree and fb marketplace. With vintage you will have to do some restoration but it also forces you to learn about all the components of your plane. Don't go overboard like I...
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    Paul, his version of sharpening

    Paul Sellers is one of the reasons I got into woodworking and tbh I don't understand why he's controversial here. He found a target audience, the beginner who doesn't have or can't commit large sums to what may turn out to be a dead end, and introduced them to using cheap methods of getting work...
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    Resawing - Japanese saw options

    Thanks for the replies and ideas. Soneone mentioned ManShed, unfortunately the closest one to me is only open during the week while I'm at work. After much to-ing and fro-ing in my mind about what to do, I decided to bite the bullet, get a traditional saw and learn to sharpen. It delays my plan...