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    Moving granite worktop

    I doubt most homes will have a clear run on a trolley from kitchen to van & then van to kitchen - steps, doorways etc get in the way - and no trolley will get the slab into the van - many bodies seems the only sensible solution to me The other problem I see would be if there are any granite...
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    General advice about choosing timber size for loft bed.

    No scientific method, but the legs look strong enough to me to support the vertical load; though consider a load spreading foot? However with no form of stretchers between the legs (or diagonal braces) under the frame supporting the mattress you are placing all the load on the coach bolts...
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    Festool KS60 to 100mm extractor

    If you mean rigid plumbing pipe, if do this you wont be able to use the mitre or bevel features
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    Old lathe - electrical problem

    Our Men's Shed was given an old Axminster lathe (motor dated 1999) last year; it is essentially the same as the current AXMINSTER WORKSHOP AW370WL VARIABLE SPEED lathe. When first acquired we gave it a good clean and replaced the on/off switch with an identical one. It then worked fine; then...
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    What will happen to your tools when you die?

    I live near Workaid in Chesham - they take most types of tools - some get sent to Africa in 10' containers - others get sold locally in their shop, or in occasional clearance tool sales; rare / valuable stuff I believe they put on eBay; They have a big group of volunteers who clean & refurb...
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    How to make a round-bottomed, round-ended groove - without a router

    I'd talk to Malvern Men's Shed - I would hope someone there would have a router and be able to help
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    Bread knife repair - new ferrule needed

    It is a hollow dome (not a tube ferrule) that I am after - approx a hemisphere 12mm in diameter - I have found a number of knife parts suppliers - but they tend to be selling parts of heavy duty 'survival' type knives, e.g. brass bolsters designed for a much heavier blade than a bread knife.
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    Bread knife repair - new ferrule needed

    I help out at a Repair Cafe - at the latest session, a customer brought in an ancient bread knife - blade good, nicely carved wooden handle detached from the handle. There would have been a 'domed' metal ferrule approx 12mm in diameter which the blade went though into the handle - this has...
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    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    An alternative to stainless steel might be silicon bronze bolts - they use them to attach lead keels to wooden boats. they wont corrode
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    what does the inside of this door panel look like to people?

    My guess it was a form of asbestos cement sheet that was applied over an old panelled wooden door to make it more fireproof in the 1960s -- then timber beading was pinned / glued on to improve the look - then plenty of paint. Fibreboard seems unlikely, I would think it was far too soft for...
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    Joint help.

    Rather late in the day - if I understood this box is being used as an Amp cabinet - is this purely for storage, or it is powered on while in the box - if it is powered on I would assume the box would get hotter than typical ambient - so then there are the possibilities - the box is changing size...
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    Who needs a planer/thicknesser anywy?

    No dust control, no hearing protection - life is cheap in some places
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    How did they thickness the boards before the advent of machines

    I suggest you read the Village Carpenter by Walter Rose, published in 1937, it includes accounts of hand pit sawing and preparing stock by hand. His account of sealing a two part wooden pump together with molten lead whilst down the well is interesting. It is available on Kindle
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    Joinery Workshops

    Good luck with the search - have you tried Walters & Ackland in Kendal or Treske in Thirsk - both look big enough to have a few employees
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    Satisfying cut's with Ekki!

    Ekki has lots of silica inclusions in it - one of our Shed members turned some recently and it produced sparks when it was turned. Blunted tools very quickly
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    Turning advice

    Worth recalling that Chris Fisher RPT - aka the Blind Woodturner taught himself to turn after going blind in his 20's by listening to Youtube videos on wood turning - take a look at his channel - if he can so can you
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    Mitre Saw spares wanted

    Agree it sounds like a spring issue? Have you tried this company - 010210001810 Spares and Parts for Metabo 010210001810 KS 210 MITRE SAW (Crossc.and mitre saws/Flipov.) - Power Tool Spares -- seems they have some spare parts in stock for this saw. (good luck from a member of Amersham Men's...
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    Smoking Startrite table saw

    I hope you didn't pay much for that saw, 'cos it looks like a heap of trouble to me - No riving knife, no crown guard; does it have any extract capability?
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    New workshop - new direction? Advice welcome

    1. Take a look at the Open Workshop Network - which appears currently to be just in London - but they may be worth talking to, to find out how they manage the issues. I dont understand why there are not more outside London Open Workshop Network — Open Workshop Network is a network of the...
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    Bloq - makers rent space

    Bloqs is part of the Open Workshop Network - Open Workshop Network — Open Workshop Network is a network of the open-access workshops across London. - which is currently confined to inside the M25 around London - BUT I cannot understand why local Council's all over the Uk would not support this...