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    Automatically switch on a extractor when a tool is powered on.

    if you're ok with a bit of wiring. Or can get someone to assist.
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    Dual hoover dust extractor

    Well, was it a success?
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    Dust Extractor advice needed.

    It's quite easy to make nice gentle bends using a bandsaw and a length of pipe. Cut wedges and glue together.
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    SCM Minimax S45 Bandsaw Teardown & Overhaul

    @Sideways @deema Thanks once again for an excellent thread. Can I ask you regarding the tensioning mechanism. I have the 240v version (not sure if the frame is the same) need to replace/ upgrade the tensioner. Currently using the original (and probably over compressed spring) Any major...
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    SCM Minimax S45 Bandsaw Teardown & Overhaul

    Sounds like its the same as mine, see my post number 79. Just re reading this thread as I am finally getting round to sorting the bandsaw. It cuts well even in its relatively poor state.
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    Two bowls from one blank?

    Not sure these are still available, but it's basically a heavy duty straight parting tool. Is this what you are trying to achieve?
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    How to insulate this wall?

    Take a look at R values. Higher number is more insulating. PIR is better insulator than Glass wool or polystyrene. You maybe able to find some excess boards from a nearby build to keep cost down?
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    Tracing water ingress.

    What type of door and frame?
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    Bench Buffing Machine

    I'm in a similar position, for small metal parts. Just about to try these guys?
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    An amazing project

    Coincindentally, I stumbled across the very same thing this morning. Absolutely stunning work, and nice to know I'm not the only one who has the odd 'loosing the temper' moment.
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    Wood turning lessons

    And join your local club, best thing I ever did. Lots of like minded individuals (some of whom may provide lessons)
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    Bent drill spindle

    Hi, Are you a 100% sure its the spindle. Bear in mind that its the chuck driving face that needs to run true (the morse taper if this drill has one) Can you put a dpi on the morse taper face or try a different chuck?
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    Routers and 'No volt release' switches...

    Its not the fact that the loss of electrical supply is the only issue (though the frequency does depend on location) The main danger is plugging it in with it switched on!
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    Remote Control/Dust Extractor

    Remote/Wireless Switching NVR
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    Remote Control/Dust Extractor

    Sorry are you saying the fuse within the remote itself is going? If so get your friendly sparks to wire it into the starter coil for the DOL starter (Presuming the dust extractor has one)
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    First hedgehog already!

    Still hoping ours from last year will reappear. Don't take it in, let them roam. just make sure they have food, water and somewhere safe to sleep. Fascinating little creatures.
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    Workshop refit

    If its not too late leave a bit more slack on the cables. It'll cut down on the number of junction boxes. Also one in and out of the sockets??
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    The ultimate diy dust collection bin???

    :) Sounds good, maybe a little awkward to empty though.
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    SCM Minimax S45 Bandsaw Teardown & Overhaul

    Hi, What a great thread, looking forward to the blade tensioning update as never been happy with mine. Not wishing to hijack your thread but would appreciate your thoughts on the below. (If you want me to move it to a new thread, just say so) Single phase machine. I got it running (came with...
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    Sold Meddings Drill- Sussex

    Now Sold