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  1. m3z

    a new era of low cost, accessible and efficient heating?

    Of course heating the house may or may not be separate from hot water delivery also. Gonna stick with some solar hot water for that because most of the year it's pretty efficient. Then electric heating for the rest of the time.
  2. m3z

    a new era of low cost, accessible and efficient heating?

    I have spent a lot of time recently with my dad looking at heating systems and their energy efficiency and cost efficiency over time because my parents are building a new house. When they last built a house about 10 years ago (my dad works in construction so this isn't the first time) they went...
  3. m3z

    Why do we have so many issues with software programs

    As someone whose day job is in IT and writing software for a reasonably sized company I might have some different perspectives. Software subscriptions vs purchased software in the consumer and small business market it's all about a money grab from the big companies, many people take the...
  4. m3z

    Got my first 3D printer

    I find I always want to buy more filament. I have about 30 reels now and have had to stop due to storage space. It did take me about 4 years to build up this many. Now I just use a few reels and then get new. Its worth bearing in mind a couple of things. Filament likes to absorb moisture from...