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    For Sale Esta Bruck/Barke Self Set holders and knives - 260mm long and Knife setting jig

    I appreciate you are trying to be helpful in a for-sale thread but you don't seem to understand what I've said. The Esta holders are available with and without tangs. The version without tangs is used where you either have knife height setting screws or, for planers that have springs, you...
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    For Sale Esta Bruck/Barke Self Set holders and knives - 260mm long and Knife setting jig

    These are still have available. I had forgotten about them so thank you for the useful reminder :) Feel free to message if you want to purchase the holders, blades and/or setting jig.
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    Why isn't there a reasonably priced eclipse-style honing guide?

    I've found this Veritas item to be a good alternative:
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    Any plumbers? Am I out of touch?

    If that tap was fitted 30 years ago then £250 for replacement isn't unreasonable. Is it fitted with copper pipe or flexi pipes? Are there working isolators? Is the sink itself rigid or has part of the mounting corroded away? Any plumber would need to allow for this any more hence quote £250.
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    Wonky Axminster saw

    Try contacting Burt directly - They may not deal with end users directly but may be worth a shot.
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    Wonky Axminster saw

    Check the runout with a blade rather than at the arbor so you can see what it is under tension.
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    best pound for pound all round router?

    Best value all round 1/2" router - Hikoki M12VE - £160-180 Next up - Triton TRA001 Then Makita 2301 (2303 now) Dewalt/Trend have stopped the DW625/T10/T11 which were excellent. The new DWE625/T12/T14 look nice but not impressed with the depth stop so wouldn't recommend, especially not for...
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    Bandsaw bearings

    Looking at the various images you've posted: This one shows that the whole guide block is too far to the right, hence the left guide being fully extended and the right guide interfering with the rear guide. With the following picture, unless it is the angle of the photograph, it looks like...
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    Axminster morticer riser block Rutlands part R4162 if your morticer looks like theirs.
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    Bandsaw bearings

    The blade is sitting too far to the front. Move it back so that the thrust guide can sit behind the side guides.
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    Record BS400 help

    When I had a BS400 I thought it had a motor brake because the blade would stop fairly quickly after a click sound came from the motor. It was only later that I found out that the clicking sound was the centrifugal switch for the start capacitor. In terms of the vibration you are getting, try...
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    Axminster Ultimate Edge problem

    The noise is normal if it is being caused by the belt. The joint isn't always completely flat but I've never found this to affect use of the machine, and this is the same with a range of belts.
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    Norris Adjusters

    I do like the ingenuity of Norris style adjusters, and have a mixture of planes from Veritas and Stanley/Faithfull/other random brands to know that I have no preference one way or another between the Norris and conventional Stanley style. This is because the engineer in me enjoys seeing and...
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    Hand planing hardwood - bad idea?

    Lubricating the sole of the plane will help reduce the effort needed to plane if you haven't done this yet. Candle wax, wood wax, wd40 or even 3in1 oil wiped on and off again will make a big difference.
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    Kickback and circle marks when using router sled with new flattening bit

    Is this simply the wrong tool for the job? End grain with a large cutter with insufficient power behind it? Try using a conventional bit and see if the issue is still there. I suspect the end grain is causing the large cutting edges to catch and dig in.
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    Trend t12 vs t14

    I think the T12 won't be suitable for table use if you use a separate switch because of the built in NVR in the T12. The T14 has the remote switch to overcome this issue in table use.
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    Anyone using a Faithfull No 7, good or avoid

    The Faithful no 7 is fine, especially as a starter plane. Once you've got it working well you could change the iron if you want to but it will do everything a plane needs to do and will certainly match the abilities of new upmarket planes as well as used ones.
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    Routers and 'No volt release' switches...

    The Trend T14 has a remote cable to overcome the NVR issue in a router table. Expensive but that may be the only choice for a while unless you can get a non-NVR model from someone that might still have stock.
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    Record Power - Rip off carriage costs

    In the past Record Power used to offer free delivery when buying their large machines at one of the shows (whether dealer or woodworking show). Times might have changed now but it may be worth holding out until you can get to one of them. Saying that, D&M are offering free delivery on the...