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    Mechanical pencil alternative

    I'm right handed so always stick my pencil behind my right ear - then its always at hand and I never need to go looking for it. The other day I went to fetch it from behind my ear and it wasn't there! - I spent ten minutes looking everywhere for it and eventually found another one lying around...
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    Help Needed

    Forget the door, surely the most important question is whether this is a gender neutral toilet and if not WHY NOT!
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    Hardware, where do you get yours?

    I just bought a load of stuff from m&d - good service and prices.
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    What do you charge - bathroom locks/doors

    The near retired chap I use for gas safety checks told me a story of how he once took on an apprentice quite a few years ago. Now this guy is very diligent and thoughtful and takes his work very seriously and does an excellent job, anyway It became clear after a few months that the young lad he...
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    Light, small, retractable pole.

    How about one of these...
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    Amazing bit of woodwork

    What's it for?
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    Nice skip find

    This discussion has reminded me of a housemate I had whilst living in a shared house at university. He would buy a newspaper everyday but would refuse to let anyone read it after he had finished with it and would dispose of it in a suitable manner that ensured no one else got to see it - despite...
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    Nice skip find

    I'd be very happy if anyone removed anything from a skip I was filling - that would leave me more room to dump more stuff!
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    Popping my Axminster Cherry

    Which one? 😆
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    Who do you follow on YouTube?

    Sellers? - or have we reverted to Corbyn... 😆
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    Did you mean 'understand' 😆😆
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    In all seriousness though and back to your original query - one thing worth considering when making your decision is that 5 year fixes are being offered at a slightly lower rate than 2 or 3 year fixes! We can take from that, that those those that are setting these product rates are predicting...
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    Baldkev - whatever you do don't ever start a sharpening thread! 😆
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    Its everywhere - it has expanded the money supply - that means more money chasing (due to lockdown) even fewer goods and services. Its doing what any increase of the money supply (inflation) does to the economy - it is raising prices, devaluing debt etc - and the central banks are responding by...
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    I have to say i'm not grasping your analogy - the reason some received newly created money during the lockdown was because the state prevented them from working and earning and so they just received what they would have received had they been allowed to work. Others who were allowed to carry on...
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    I'm not sure what you are hinting at there. What I am sure of is that there are very few landlords (good or bad) who would evict good tenants without a valid reason such as the need to sell. There is simply no good motive for them to so. Despite the pressure groups and the media which cry daily...
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    'Liberate'..... How would you feel about others suggesting we liberate some of your privately owned property?
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    I'm sorry you clearly didn't read and digest what I wrote - There are quite obviously bad landlords out there just as there are bad tenants - I even mentioned the fact there are both good and bad landlords in my post you are commenting on, so your reply is an odd one. My point was that neither...
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    Not quite - he was elected four times by the people of South East England to represent them in the European Parliament, and on your second point, well that is merely an opinion - one some will share with you, whilst others will disagree.
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    Mortgage rates / interest etc

    No, you are wrong I'm afraid - landlords are not in the business of evicting good tenants for no good reason - there is simply no reason they would do that other than genuine reasons like selling up etc. Even bad landlords will want to hang on to their good tenants. Don't believe all you read...