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  1. MarcW

    21st birthday coming up and.......

    Hi Paul, Those planes with brass lever caps are LNs. They come that way...
  2. MarcW

    Good news, bad news

    Yep :lol:
  3. MarcW

    21st birthday coming up and.......

    Shim20, If you choose the Clifton, go sure the sides are abslutely square to the sole. It wasn't the case with mine. No problems on that yet with a LN...
  4. MarcW

    21st birthday coming up and.......

    Hi, I like jointers, so I have the #7 from Clifton and LN, the #8 from LN too. Then two woodies... but I digress. I tried the low angle Veritas several times. All are terrific. The Clifton has heft, low gravity, but I dislike the two piece chipbreaker. The tote is second most ergonomic to me...
  5. MarcW

    One Japanese Chisel?

    In my set of ten bench chisels (bought 2004), one (1/2 inch) warped over time (last year) and that heavily.
  6. MarcW

    Veritas skew rebate plane - a review (lots of pics)

    Paul, Fantastic pictures, nice review and I sustain every word you wrote. =D> I'm delighted too 8)
  7. MarcW

    Sofa Table in American Cherry

    Last weekend we had a small bash in my home. After looking at the table someone pointed out mental sigh in his eyes the photos would betray and yes, now the legs seemed okay to him. I wanted the overall shape elegant and crispy, not sturdy. That's why I made them that thin. Indeed I hesitated...
  8. MarcW

    Chamfering Tool?

    Hi Custard, The Veritas edge plane is made for 90° or lower. A chamfer has 90° +. The integrated fence avoids the chamfer job. I'd learn to use a proper block plane and you can make every chamfer you want in the range of widths you indicated. For the tight spots, I'm with Derek and would use...
  9. MarcW

    sideboard in oak

    Congratulations 8)
  10. MarcW

    Sofa Table in American Cherry

    Hi, Thank you all for positive comments, I highly appreciate them. I took a look in Joyce's Encyclopedia and now I know it is a coffee table or occasional table. I never heard of the latter. Anyway thanks for pointing me to it Aidan. I'll be back with a better photo of the boards tomorrow.
  11. MarcW

    Sofa Table in American Cherry

    Hi all, Yesterday I finished a new sofa table and wanted to share with you. It's made of American Cherry and measures 120 x 80 x 42 cm. Inspiration came from a George II table, above all legs and molding, from a krenovanian top bevel and from the colonial style of my bookshelf, the inner...
  12. MarcW

    Blum plane review

    IMHO a #6 is called a fore plane and a try plane, because it can fulfill both functions. Nowadays fore planes have commonly been replaced by machines and aren't needed that often. If one hasn't a planer, often enough a scrub plane makes the job today, but it isn't at all suited. As...
  13. MarcW

    Low angle planes

    Dazzy, Why go for another jack plane - same length, if you can have a jointer or a smoother or... There is difference between a #5 1/2 and a LA Jack. First bench plane versus low angle plane implying different frog angles - 45° to 12°, then handling. Adjusting the iron on depth and laterally...
  14. MarcW

    Bathroom cabinet 2 - replacement for failed project

    Hi Dave, Good you made a second run =D> I liked the WIPs and above all the use of the #45 for making rabbets. 8) That's a nice piece of furniture.
  15. MarcW

    Brian Boggs Chairmaking course - West Dean June 2008

    Great! Like Paul said, keep it coming.
  16. MarcW

    Philly's Toys...

    Wow great, Philly, And it has a boxwood wear strip inserted 8) The brass looks awesome on the woodie. =D>
  17. MarcW

    Couple of tips I picked up at Yandles

    Wow, 45° + 25° make an EP of almost scraping - for me. My range of smoothers stopped with a #164 (60° EP) Now I'm glad to here someone passed this borderline. I will follow :lol:
  18. MarcW

    Couple of tips I picked up at Yandles

    I use to use a car polish - it is not Autosol - on the plane soles, following the recommendation of David in one of his videos. It works fine, but the effect diminishes quite fast and I have an oily rag (Camelia oil) that puts a fine film on the soles and leaves no traces. I hone back bevels no...
  19. MarcW

    Couple of tips I picked up at Yandles

    Many thanks, Paul :D
  20. MarcW

    Couple of tips I picked up at Yandles

    Tony, I can't believe it [-( you were out at Yandles and spent a day with Philly, Mike Riley and DC and no pictures were made. Mh, no Tony, I can't believe, no picture, it didn't happen. :roll: :lol: Thank you for the tips. I never heard of a backbevel of as high as 15° 8) I'll try that...