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  1. Pvt_Ryan

    Door Saddle TBar

    Hi all,, It's been a while due to job changes and house renovating but i need help, what dimensions should a door saddle be between two floors that are 18mm thick and what size of gap should I leave between the floors where they meet? See this thread for pics of the house. :D...
  2. Pvt_Ryan

    House Renovation

    It's not pure woodworking but I thought you might be interested anyway.. I bought a house in December last year and knew it would need some work, turns out it needed a lot of work. Here are all the Pics so far (be warned there are a lot!!!). ...
  3. Pvt_Ryan

    New Arrival !!!

    Congrats, that was a lovely xmas pressie.
  4. Pvt_Ryan

    Walnut box commission

    I absolutely love it. WoW. just Wow.
  5. Pvt_Ryan

    Paul Sellers a bit controversial ... ow-stones/
  6. Pvt_Ryan

    PAYE tax underpayment for 2006/2007 tax year!

    Ouch, I've rebates the last two years. I'm waiting for them to tell me that was a mistake it would be just my luck.
  7. Pvt_Ryan


    Very nice.
  8. Pvt_Ryan

    bandsaw blade

    Takl to Ian at tuffsaws:
  9. Pvt_Ryan

    I think pension should be available to all at 60.

    Alan has a point, hence the saying you have "three score and ten". If that was the average life expectancy then you would only get 20years of a pension retiring at say 50.
  10. Pvt_Ryan


    Without wishing to derail the thread. Interesting. So if I was to be treated by a Black doctor and said no I want a White doctor, would I get arrested for being a racist or could I argue I have the right to be treated by whom so ever I wish? (Would like to point out above is an exmple only and...
  11. Pvt_Ryan


    #1, I suspect the relevance is the biology which is referenced in the article and Darwinism is pretty important for biology in fact it is pretty much key to many concepts. #2, Don't know about you but I'd rather have a doctor who gets A*s in Biology and fails RE rather than the other way...
  12. Pvt_Ryan

    Employment law

    Can't comment on the Law aspect, but I would take the redeployment and start looking for a job elsewhere. Better to be looking for a job while you have one as you can take your time and choose the job, whereas if you have no job you might end up taking something you don't want for financial...
  13. Pvt_Ryan

    Different pen?

    John, Did you cast it in resin yourself? if so where did you get the resin? Ryan
  14. Pvt_Ryan

    Removal Companies

    Thanks all got one sorted. Turns out an old next door neighbour in NI does removals and is actually doing a drop off in Eng a few weeks earlier than I'd prefer but he was going back empty so offered me a rate that is about 25% of my best quote so far. Ryan
  15. Pvt_Ryan

    my first Lie-Nielsen tool

    I had a few cutting remarks about the size of the mouths.. *gets coat*
  16. Pvt_Ryan

    Vintage Pillar drill? ... 3cbe6f4c88 Looks er basic...
  17. Pvt_Ryan

    drills are like buses....

    What is that one on the far right? Any tips on cleaning these up I have 2 egg beater types and 2 Braces but I think only 1 of each is really salvagable. Ryan
  18. Pvt_Ryan

    Removal Companies

    Keep em coming... Thanks for the replies guys, I'll hand the list so far to SWMBO and see how it goes.
  19. Pvt_Ryan

    Removal Companies

    I've just got a new Job and it is in Northern Ireland, as I am currently in England I need to get all my tools back (oh and some stuff in the house too). Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced removals agency to use? Thanks, Ryan