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  1. J

    SOLD: Box Making/Woodworking Books

    EDIT: Both have now been sold. I've been having a clear out and have a couple of books for sale. Both are like new and hardly used. "Box Making" by Doug Stowe £10 + £3.24 P&P 2nd class signed for "Cutting Edge Cabinetmaking" by Robert Ingham £10 + £3.24 P&P 2nd class signed for Jennifer,
  2. J


    Nic - I spoke to the Microclene guy - Ron at Arcol and I'm not sure you should be washing your filer every week. The filters have an accumulative effect getting more of the smaller dust as the filter clogs. This is what he said anyway: "the mc760 will filter your workshop over 20 times per...
  3. J

    Doll house room

    Yes. They're not made for dolls houses but I sell smaller pieces of 3, 6 or 9 LEDs that can either be connected to a 12v transformer or run off a 9v battery (9v produces a dimmer light but still works fine). They just cost a few pounds each.
  4. J

    Votes needed pretty please

    done. Good luck.
  5. J

    Doll house room

    No problem. I had in mind flexible strip LEDs which would be perfect as strip light effect lights but I appreciate your low budget. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. It's looking great already.
  6. J

    Doll house room

    Looking great so far. I love the walls and beams. Looks very realistic :) If you want any lighting, drop me a line. It's my day job creating lighting for dolls houses and scale models.
  7. J

    Laser Plywood?????

    The chap I know who cuts some stuff for me uses SLEC. They do bigger laser cutting jobs and also sell the material. Quality seems 'ok' though we had problems with tolerance as not all 3mm laser ply is exactly 3mm apparently but I was making 3D models where the tolerance mattered. We got...
  8. J

    X Factor audition farce

    Well, you may not like him but thousands of girls in the crowd would disagree with you ;) (I'm not bothered either way)
  9. J

    X Factor audition farce

    I don't know if it's changed but their wasn't quite so much falsity going on when we attended the live audition stage 2 years ago. A friend got tickets for 4 of us in 2011 to go to the live auditions at Old Trafford. The first with Gary Barlow so you can imagine how many screaming girls there...
  10. J

    and the one that didnt make it...

    Another Trekkie here likes that a lot Nev. Lovely wood combination and instantly recognisable. Lovely.
  11. J

    SWMBO unsupported

    I have a plastic potting tray that also comes with a shelf. Wasn't expensive and available in garden centres. Makes cleaning up a whole lot easier and keeps the compost contained.
  12. J

    Car Air Con - do you follow manufacture service schedule?

    I was told mine needed refilling. It lasted a year or so and then stopped being cold so I got it serviced then. Up to you how long you leave it but it'll run out eventually.
  13. J

    Photographing your work

    I bought a cheap light tent off the bay (about £20) that came with lights and various colours of background and I generally find white is best. Occasionally use black if the subject itself is white. It's fairly simple to make one from a cardboard box with white paper sides and top to diffuse...
  14. J

    New toy...this could become an expensive hobby!

    Love your friends image of the Andromeda galaxy. beautiful shot.
  15. J

    New toy...this could become an expensive hobby!

    Thank you Jimi for the explanation. Fascinating and informative. That explains why it looked like a bright grey cloud. It must be so exciting putting the images together and seeing what you end up with!
  16. J

    Banter with the neighbours

    Up-market? - Not the Kirkby I know... Though it was better than some of the other local towns.
  17. J

    New toy...this could become an expensive hobby!

    Wow, love the Orion Nebula shot.. Have seen it through my telescope but it didn't look like that!
  18. J

    Banter with the neighbours

    Kirkby, Liverpool? If so I used to work near there in Prescot. Did quite a few projects in parks and outdoor spaces around there!
  19. J

    Andersonec (Andy) Box wip

    Lovely box Andy.
  20. J

    Melinda Box Wip - finished

    Guess it's a bit late but when I did my box making session the guy rough cut the mitres then sanded them on a big disk sander for accuracy. He kept checking the fit and adjusting his jig until it was perfect. I don't think he trusted any saw to be 100% accurate.