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    Small Handles needed!

    Hi all, Been away from the forum for rather a long time but have popped in to read a few times. Very busy with our EBay buisness, stiill finding tall sorts of tools but more concentrating on engineering these days as planes have become very problematic. What I need making if anyone is up for it...
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    Mystery Tool?

    Hi all, Been a long time since I was last here, really busy with all sorts of odd items, but every now and then a real oddity comes along and defies all normal avenues of research, just like this one! Seems to be for gripping something and then releasing it, not very robust item so fairly...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Hi All, What I am looking to be able to do is place all my DVD's (approx 350) on to my Buffalo 2TB Network storage drive. I then wish to be able to stream them to my Plasma HD TV via my Apple iTV (Mk2) box. I have bought DVDFab8 on advice from a friend and so far have managed to frustrate...
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    Another Mystery Tool?

    Seems to be my week for oddities! This came in a box of Bric a Brac at auction: Made of cold painted cast iron, the catch at bottom pulls out under a stronngish spring tension but no apparent ratchet to keep it out? Body is 6" overall by 3" wide. Some sort of gizmo for hanging pots over a fire...
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    Mystery Tool?

    Hi all, Just got this in a crate of planes and drawknives; I have no idea what it is and any thoughts would be welcome. It is very well made indeed; sharp blade, adjustable table, boxwood handle. No makers marks anywhere at all. Cheers, Martin
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    Intersting Spiers Plane, minor gloat!

    Hi All, Just got this along with some other interesting bits and pieces as I was passing a workshop that was being skipped. Asked the lad to let me have a look round before he chucked it all out and gave him a tenner! :roll: ; he was a happy bunny and I got seventeen planes and two crates of...
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    iTunes info needed please

    Hi all, I have most of my music (3k+ tracks) sitting in a single folder (with LOTS of subfolders) on my Buffalo network drive. The main problem is that most of this is inherited music and is very disorganised indeed. I am slowly sorting it all out; deleting tracks I do not want, removing...
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    Mystery Lathe Tool??

    Hi all, Got this at the weekend with some nice planes and other bits and pieces. Very odd hand operated thing, anyone got any ideas what it is please? Cheers, Martin
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    Another Excel Query?

    Hi All, Each month I download a large csv file (approx 500-700 rows) from Ebay I then need to process this so that I can enter the values into my stock book in the way that I need for my purposes. There is a row for each item that contains the text 'GALLERY FEE' that they no longer charge for so...
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    Brass & Stainless strip wanted.

    Hi All, Can anybody point me in the right direction to obtain brass and stainless steel strip (bar?) I need 10 pieces in each material 30mm wide by 330mm long and 3 mm thick. Only place I've found is Chronos who don't do those sizes and scary prices! Cheers, Martin
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    missing topic?

    Probably me being really stupid but I cant find the thread re ByronBlacks beech bench? Wanter to have a look at his pics again... Martin
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    Missing topic?

    Probably me being really stupid but I cant find the thread re ByronBlacks beech bench? Wanter to have a look at his pics again... Martin
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    This weeks strange mystery Tool!

    Hi All, Anyone have any idea what this is for please? Seems to have a French mark but not legible, nice quality hardwood handle. posibly one for Alf or BB methinks! :P BTW, this is not a For Sale Ad! :roll: :P Cheers, Martin
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    Interesting Items?

    Bought a microscope and some other scientific instruments at auction the other day and these were at the bottom of the box. They have turned out to be a bit of a find, any thoughts before I tell all? Cheers Martin[/url]
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    Network Storage and Media Tanks etc???

    Hi All, Really confused here with all this techie stuff! :oops: My fairly high spec Dell desktop is in my upstairs office; I have a variety of secondary hard disks for my work stuff and backup etc, all fine and dandy. I have a Netgear Router so that I can use my laptop around the house and it...
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    Kangaroo Brand??

    Hi All, Anyone know who made the Kangaroo Brand tools? I have a level with their logo on it. It also says very faintly Robert someone or other, Sorby perhaps? All info welcome, one for BB I expect :) Cheers Martin
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    Stanley 51/52 Shute board Combo!

    Hi All, Anyone who saw mine at Waka's bash and was interested can have a go at one on the 'Bay. Search item number 170402158607. Pleae note this is NOT mine, posted for info only! Cheers, Martin
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    OSB T&G Cutter?

    Hi All, I am currently fitting a lot of 18mm OSB as lining to my tool storage room 8) :roll: All is going well but I am now getting to the point where I have to cut a lot of smaller pieces to fill and fit odd corners, round rafters etcetc. I would obviously like to make as much use as...
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    Massive Auction of Power & hand tools & timber stock

    Hi All, I won,t be there but there s some amzing stuff on offer here: Action=Move&AP=1&AuctionID=0&PP=50&Show=all&UserName=EFJO0715&EventID=13361&HideReserveItems=&SortBy=datecloses&SortDir=asc[/url] Well worth a look . Cheers, Martin
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    This Weeks Mystery Items!

    Hi All, Two oddball tools this week, any thoughts are welcome. First off, a kind of well made Plated steel plate with lots of holes next are to screw together mould kind of thingies: Dowel making, bullets, reloading shotguns, I have no idea whatsoever, both very well made and Googling the...