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    Bosch Palm Sander - £34.94 this week

    Axminster have the Bosch GSS 140A Palm Sander with £25 off in the latest email club newsletter. I paid £50 for one just over a year ago and I'm delighted with it - thoroughly recommended and at the sale price its a real bargain. Cheers, Neil
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    Most insane tool ever?

    Whats the most insane tool you've ever come across? My vote goes to this 'compact' Swiss Army Knife which would slip comfortably into any convenient pocket: 87 Implements / 141 Functions. Its not a LeeValley-esque April Fools joke - a snip at £489 from Amazon if anyone is interested :lol...
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    Bosch GSR10.8V-LI-2 drill/driver - anyone got one?

    Does anyone have the little Bosch 10.8V drill/driver? I'd be interested to hear your comments if you have one. I'm in need of a drill following the demise of the Ni-Cd batteries on my 14V Makita and this is one of the options. I have the driver that takes the same batteries which is...
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    Advice on AEG cordless kit deal

    Hi everyone, I was in my local tool shop at the weekend and saw a flier with a deal that looked too good to be true. It was this kit: for €175+VAT (about £187 inc VAT). Contents are: BSB18STX Combi Drill BKS18 Circular Saw BUS18X Sabre Saw BST18 Jigsaw FL18 Torch 2 x 18 volt 2.0 Ah NiCd...
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    Solid beech worktop into a corner

    Hi everyone, I meant to post this earlier this week but of course its been a busy one... :roll: I need to fit a solid beech worktop this weekend, and its into a corner with a (large) sink squeezed in on the diagonal. I would like to do it with 22.5 degree mitres: but I've just remembered...
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    Bargain Besseys

    I was checking the Axminster clearance list the other day (for the first time in ages) and I spotted that they had 4 K125 k-bodies on the list. I've been wanting four of these for a long time, so this seemed like destiny and I got on the 'phone quickly. They were £30 each, normal price £43 I...
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    Office chair recommendations

    Hi everyone, My home office setup has just failed its H&S inspection as the arms on my chair are not adjustable. I have to choose a new chair and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? It must be fully adjustable (inc. the arms) and be rated for intensive use as I'm sat in it for...
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    Rare earth magnets and Oak

    Does anyone know if its safe to use rare earth magnets with Oak? I know that ordinary magnets react with the tannin and cause staining, but I've no idea about the rare earth type. Thanks, Neil
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    Spray gun for masonry paint

    Does anyone have any recommendations for spraying masonry paint? I need to paint my house this summer and as its quite large and has a rough-cast finish, I've been told that spraying is the way to go. A quick google search came up with this but I've no idea if this is the best type of gun to...
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    Preferred way to grind primary bevels?

    What is your preferred way to grind the primary bevel on plane irons & chisels? I'm going round in circles trying to decide what to do for this, being unhappy with my present approach. I know we've done this to death a bit, but never in the form of a definitive poll as far as I know. I would...
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    A bit of fun for Christmas

    Finished this for my 17-month old on Christmas Eve (just in time! :whistle:): Not exactly fine cabinetmaking, but good fun nonetheless. The customer seems to be very pleased anyway! Cheers, Neil
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    Blastgates - plastic or aluminium?

    The message subject says it all, really - I would be interested to hear if anyone has any opinions as to whether aluminium blast gates are better than the plastic ones. There isn't a huge difference in price for the number of gates I need - a total of three for a small system with short pipe...
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    Price to fit an external door?

    SWMBO has just got a quote for a new 'hardwood' back door from the main supplier of wood doors & windows in my area (Munster Joinery). Price for the door itself was pretty steep at €750, but not that far off what I expected. But you could have knocked me down with a feather when she told me...
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    Tite-mark rival from Rutlands

    Apologies if this has been posted before - I've just noticed this Tite-mark copy in the latest Rutlands catalogue - at £23.95 it is very cheap compared to the real thing, or even compared to the Sureline version. Has anyone tried one yet? I wonder if we could get one for Alf to add to her...
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    Anyone an expert at data recovery?

    Hi everyone, One of the disks from SWMBO's PC has just given up the ghost, and unfortunately it hasn't been backed up for a month or two. It isn't a life-or-death situation, but I would like to recover some of her data off it before stripping out the rare earth magnets and recycling the rest...
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    Creating a custom texture library in Sketchup

    A forum member asked me for help to create a custom library of textures in Sketchup, and I thought I may as well post the reply here in case anyone else finds it useful :) The Library window is open by default, if you can’t see it go to ‘Window - Material Browser’ Change to the ‘In Model’...
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    Batch conversion of images

    Does anyone know of a piece of shareware which can do batch operations on a large series of images AND retain the original filenames? Specifically, I need to crop each image by a given number of pixels on each side. I can do a batch cropping using VideoMach, but it does not retain the file...
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    The day I almost out-gloated Philly and Chris...

    My wife and I are just in the process of moving house and having signed contracts last Friday, I’m now sufficiently comfortable that the move is really going to happen to be able to tell you a little story... So we found a very nice house on the internet, called up to get more details and to...
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    Incra Ultra-Lite Review

    The Incra Ultra-Lite is a 'positioning system' which allows adjustment of a fence on a router table/tablesaw/drillpress to accuracies of a few thousandths of an inch. It is the smallest system in the Incra range, but still has 12 1/2" of travel, more than enough for most tasks at the router...
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    TREND T5 Competition router table - final report (long..)

    Well, here is the 99% complete table: Since the WIP report I've added the drawer, tidied up the fixing for the Incra, and built the supplementary fence. I've also added a mitre slot - I wasn't going to at this stage, but the T-track was reduced to £10 in the Rutlands sale so I thought I may as...