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    Any users of AAA Spray setups?

    Got myself an air assisted airless graco unit for a good price - couldn't resist, but with my 20 yrs HVLP (only) experience i'm not confident enough to get started with it yet. :? Anyone here have much experience of them? I found some useful stuff on woodweb but any other poiinters would be...
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    Re-Velcroing my sander

    I user sanders all day long and have just recently bought a detail sander - a bosch type that cuts/saws as well as sands (Bosch PMF 180E Multicutte), anyway basically the triangle velcro sanding base melts if your not careful, leaving it knackered basically. It's a known problem as i'm reading...
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    Custom made water stains - here's one way.

    Anyone making they're own water stains here? This (longish) post won't be for everyone but if you have to come up with colour matches using pigmented stains regularly it might be of some use to you. I've read about operators making their own stains by using off the shelf (or custom mixed)...
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    Hand Painting Kitchen Doors

    I have a client who wants their kitchen revamped by painting the doors/drawers and fixtures. The softwood units currently have a modern clear lacquer finish (in good condition) that may or may not be removed before they are refinished. I'm a wood finisher by trade but have not had any...
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    shifting the yellow hue in pirana pine

    my client has yellow pinefurniture and wants the color to move towards a medium oak colour, not orangey medium oak but more beige/light brown cast. My feeling is a faint blue may do the job, i've used green quite a bit in taking red to brown but never used a blue to change colour hues. I'm...