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    Festool OF1010EBQ-Set

    I broke my small router at the weekend and was very tempted by the OF1010 kit with accessories (800mm rail, chip deflector, etc). I winced at the price (cheapest at around £445 from FFX). I put it off until tempted by a 5% discount voucher via email from FFX. Anyway, a bit of luck has happened...
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    Rained much

    My son left a bucket out Wednesday evening after taking some treats to the sheep. Now full of water. That’s not a small household bucket either! Considering we haven’t had any rain for a very long time, it all came at once! No wonder the potato farmers are worried. What’s it like where you are?
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    stabilising punky wood

    I've acquired a thick walnut slab that I intend to cut up for bowl blanks. It's very pretty, but quite spalted and punky in places. I've sawn a bit off of one end (the thin end!) and made quite a nice 14" bowl out of it. I'm pleased with the shape, but had no end of difficulty with tear out on...
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    Wood turning magazine

    Just in case you don’t know (I didn’t) WT Magazine is one of the magazines Tesco does on their 1:3 deal. In other words £18 in vouchers pays for a £54 12 month subscription. At £1.50 a month (in vouchers) that seems a bit of a bargain to me!
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    my little company...

    Just before Christmas one of our customers wanted to visit us for a factory tour, which we're always happy to do. Anyway, they were amazed that in this day and age, we don't just press a big green button and a machine does the rest! In fact they were chuffed to see how we do things and asked...
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    question about drilling

    Apologies in advance, I'll explain this badly and get all the terms wrong! I've got a cheapish new Axminster (craft) lathe, which I'm chuffed with, but I'm making holes larger than I intend. For example, I've got a work piece attached to the headstock (normally in a chuck) and a drill chuck on...
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    today I have mostly turning...

    ...Yew. I had a biggish chunk left over sitting in my wood pile and an aged mother in need of a Christmas present. Turning Yew turns out to be interesting in the Chinese sense. But very characterful once I'd spent a very long time getting the tool marks out! 12.5" wide, 2.5" deep. I made...
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    this is all your fault...

    I'm having far too much fun "making" things for people on my little lathe instead of making things that people actually pay me for! Witness my largest bowl to date in a nice chunk of walnut, part of a big chunk of wood I've had seasoning in the barn for a few years. Too thick really for...
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    new lathe!

    I've been interested in wood turning after seeing a few demonstrations and watching some youtubers but haven't taken the plunge as I haven't really got much free time! Anyway, my wife convinced me that I should get one for my birthday and so I bought a little one from Axminster. About 12 hours...
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    making a riving knife question

    I'd like to make a narrow riving knife for my table saw for a ripping blade. As it needs to be about 2mm thick, I think that mild steel plate might deform too easily, so wondered about using gauge steel. I've not worked hardened steel before, so had a couple of questions if people wouldn't mind...
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    is this where you say hello?

    Hi all, just wanted to say hello & thanks for the useful information on this forum, I've enjoyed reading it. I've been "woodworking" since making the "letter rack", "coat hook" etc at school back in the 70s (my Mum still uses the letter thing, which makes me smile). My carpentry & joinery is...