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    What's the point.....

    of the "find your nearest etc. etc." search facility? Just out of idle curiosity I did a search based on my post code, gradually increaing the "distance" facility and guess what? You've got it - nobody within 50Km! I then did a search by "County" - got "Deep in Wood" ( less than 10 km from...
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    Has anybody.........

    ....used/seen/know anything about this offer from Rutlands? http://ebm.cheetahmail.com/c/tag/hBScE0 ... .chtah.com And before I get the usual avalanche of "make your owns" thats just not practicable for me at the moment! (hammer) It certainly looks a fair bit better than the £99 beech one...
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    Problems with Internet Explorer

    Recently, when trying to use the Forum, my computer seems to freeze up. Task manager shows CPU useage at 100% and nothing is happening. Eventually I sometimes get a message that says: "Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing I.E. to run slowly. If it continues to run, your...
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    Adding images

    Where's the bl***ing instructions for adding images to posts? I've tried both search methods and got zip! (hammer) Surely it ought to be a sticky here or on the home page?
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    Jimi43 - Lineshaft driven workshop

    Any updates on the move Jim? P.S. re: National Gas & Oil Engines. I don't know how it came to me, but I remembered last night that I watched on Quest a programme (I assume originally on Discovery) where Tommy's mate Alan Herd was restoring a Town class narrow boat and during the programme he...
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    Own up then!

    Who grabbed that new model Woodrat 900mm. for £190 off Fleabay?
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    Even more chisel stuff!

    I originally put this in chippy1970's post, but I thought that it possibly run its course, so here it is again! A neighbour of mine asked me if I would look after his dog whilst he was away with his Wife in their Camper van. In order to thank me, he gave me a four piece chisel set that he'd...
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    Blister Woodrat

    Blister, Did you ever get the information you needed about the Woodrat, the Router Boss and the Leigh jig? For my input I would say that Martin Godfrey invented an incredible tool to help him with making joints, he's tried to upgrade the machine but he's been slow to understand the marketing...
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    John, check your PM's
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    Grinding Jigs

    Has anybody tried the "Storme" jig that Axminster are now selling? It looks very much like a clone of the Wolverine, but includes all the bits that are add-ons for the Wolverine and therefore it comes out at about half the price. Secondly, as I'm sometimes a bit heavy handed when grinding (used...
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    If you had to choose.......

    If you already had a variable speed belt sander and a (very) old 1/3 sheet orbital sander, which vibrates like hell and probably won't last much longer and had a very tight budget (say £60 - £100) what would you go for at this stage: ROS, Palm or Delta? Main use would be for finishing things...
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    Help: Record 077A

    I seem to have lost the threaded spindle and adjusting nut for my Record 077A block plane. It must be on the workshop floor somewhere but I'm buggered if I can find it! Has anybody out there got a spare?
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    Can it get anyworse?

    Last week I bought a Digital SLR on the bay, I got a good deal pricewist but it turned up with no manual and so memory card. I hate manuals on screen so although I've downloaded one, I'm happy to say that Pentax can still provide with one in hard copy for only 15quid. But even so, today I had to...
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    Grinding jigs etc.

    Has anybody tried using the Tomek or Jet jigs on the Sheppach Tiger 2000/2500? :? :?
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    For Lurker and Jimi43

    Don't want to hi-jack the other thread so see general chat re: Land Rover and Pentax. Sorry for the rants, but I can't log in to the Glos Rugby fanzine site and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms! :twisted: Edited to add: P.S. I've put "community" in inverted commas 'cos I don't want to be...
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    For Lurker and Jimi43

    Thanks chaps, it's nice to be appreciated! :oops: To clarify a couple of points. Land Rover: I had a 11A for years, but eventually I got fed up with the trek from Oxfordshire to Exmoor with two dogs and a full length roof rack full of camping gear, fishing tackle, photo kit and half of the...
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    Question for Bob (ninefingers)

    As we've got 2 threads currently running on the subject of 3 phase/single phase, inverters, converters (static, rotary, digital etc.), why don't you do a brief exposition on the subject and bung it in the "How-To" section? I'm sure it would be highly appreciated and would cut out a lot of the...