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    Best finish for table tops?

    I need some advice on the best finish to use for horizontal surfaces which need to be resistant to use/wear and having things placed upon them, such as the tops of tables, sideboards and so on. I'm working with pine at the moment, and while I want to be able to bring out as much of the wood...
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    Sanding discs flying off orbital sander!

    Is this in any way avoidable? Is it because the velcro/hook and loop mounting disc on the sander itself needs replacing? Can anyone recommend a model where this is less of a problem? It's driving me nuts!
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    Best type of buffing/polishing attachment?

    Hi Can anybody recommend the best type of attachment for buffing/polishing wood after it's been waxed? I'll probably use it as a power drill attachment, or on an angle grinder. Links to Tool Station/Screwfix etc would be great, if suitable!
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    ELU 1251 RAS worktable

    Hi all. Newbie here. I just bought an old ELU 1251 RAS, but it has no work table, and I'm going to make one. I'm sure there must be somebody on here who has one; can anyone give me the length/breadth dimensions for the various sections, please?