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    SOLD: Parf Guide MKI

    Second dibs
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    JSP Power Cap IP with charger and box

    I’ll have it. Please. Posted to Bristol
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    Titan planer / thicknesser £75 - Sold

    Interested. I know you put an estimate up already so are you happy to post? I’m Bristol based and not anywhere near you for a while
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    JSP Power Cap IP with charger and box

    Very interested will try and PM you
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    Dewalt DW745 site table saw and 7400 wheeler saw stand

    Sorry -forgot that bit 240v
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    Dewalt DW745 site table saw and 7400 wheeler saw stand

    Dont see why not. Make an offer.
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    Dewalt DW745 site table saw and 7400 wheeler saw stand

    DeWalt table saw with wheeled stand Greet condition. Could do with a new blade. Situated just outside Bristol, near Cribbs Causeway. Could transport to Cannock or near Leek as working away part of the week. £350
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    [TAKEN] Oak log - 2ft (dia) x 7ft long

    I could get there Friday. Might ask if you could cut it to blanks? If not then load it if I can cut in half first? If it doesn’t go to squib that is
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    Cramps. SOLD

    Where are you?
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    Paramo No 50 Quick Release Vice SOLD

    Where are you?
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    FS: Microclene Air Filter (Reduced)

    Hi I’d like cryo bowl gouge and both scrapers please and the sanding by tool
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    Black Friday Deals

    What sort / size / budget? Last time I looked Axminster had already knocked £100 off the AWVSL1000
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    DEWALT DW745 table/site saw and DE7400 stand SOLD

    Where in Bristol are you? PM sent
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    Stanley No.78 Duplex Rebate Plane - SOLD

    Did you have to get any parts? I’ve got one that I think I need some parts for so would be good to know where to go?
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    Six tool bench?

    Lovely project and different from a lot I've seen. Subscribed to the thread so I don't miss anything. I think I may have a go at this in the not too distant future. The pedant in me though wants to point out its a 7 tool bench as you need the socket/spanner to do the bolts and nuts
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    First complete bowl. From an offcut of worktop given to me by a neighbour. Think it's oak. *the actual first went a bit thin and is now in the kindling box.
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    Workshop Build

    Loads of info on teh 'Projects, workshop tours and builds' section projects-workshop-tours.html
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    Just seen the silky katanaboy!

    I have a silky Zubat non folding and it's awesome for tree work. I also have a lidl folding saw which is actually not far off the silky for rough cutting and I keep it for dirty work / root saw. The lidl one is back in in the next two weeks and is about £5
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    Beggining woodworking, the first hurdles. Also howdy :)

    Which Planer thicknesser do you use? It's going to be my next purchase
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    Is woodworking in the UK too expensive for a hobby?

    I've watched a load of Americans making stuff in their garages. They all seem to have enormous quantities of everything so I can only assume that consumer demand in the States means you can actually afford to buy the power tools etc. I'm limited to eBay, Gum-tree and the likes of Titan /...