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    Refurbing kitchen worktop

    Good morning all I have been asked to sand an existing oak kitchen worktop What would you recommend to reseal it with, osmo top oil ????? Many thanks Dave
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    Please help roof leaking

    Good evening all, roof on my timber workshop is leaking in like a river all over my mechines and bench which is now swollen and arched upwards but there are no holes or tears in the felt, its only been up a year I'm guessing its coming through the felt nails. My question is has anyone used black...
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    Ash timber for a bed build ?

    Good evening clever folk out there, could I use ash timber to make a king size bed and what timber would you suggest for making the slats If not which timber would you suggest as we want it in a light wood I look forward to your reply Many thanks Dave
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    Which hinge to buy?

    Hello all another question and advise, I am making a pair of mdf doors which are 18mm thick and will be inset to the cabinet what type of hinges are the best for this any info will be appreciated thanks dave
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    best grain filler ?

    Hello all you wise men, :D Can you tell me which is the best wood filler for making mrmdf edges smooth so that I can paint them so they don't show as I am making a built in tv/shelving unit with only 2 small doors thanks dave
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    best grain filler ?

    Hello all you wise men, :D Can you tell me which is the best wood filler for making mrmdf edges smooth so that I can paint them so they don't show as I am making a built in tv/shelving unit with only 2 small doors thanks dave
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    free standing cabinet advice please

    Good evening all, I have been asked to make a free standing tv unit that needs to be 1320 wide x 360 deep x 2000 high, it will need to have doors at the bottom to a hight of 610 with the tv sitting on the top of this then adj shelving above the tv, with a fixed top at 2000 the will be a shelf in...
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    stringing ?

    good evening all, wheres the best selection to purchase stringing and veneers from any help is much appreciated thanks dave
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    Back scratchers

    good evening all, does anyone know if there are any companys that sell back scratcher kits so I can make one on my lathe Many thanks Dave
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    Help. Now Sorted

    Good morning all, I am looking for someone near Worthing that can thickness me 3 pieces of cherry timber that I have as my thicknesser has broken and I need to send it away for repair I will pay for the service Many thanks Dave
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    Morris Style Chair WIP

    Hello all, after moving house and bording and insulating my garage this is my first project in it. This is my take on a morris style chair with a few mods for our liking,that I am making for my wife, its made from AWO All timber cut planed and labled Mortices marked out and cut into legs...
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    cabinet stay

    Hope someone can help me, I am looking for a what I think are cabinet stays I have a customer who has a 1970 style bookcase with a drop down leaf in the middle. He has broken both stays and also the piano hinge on the flap Are they called stays and where could I get a pair from Many thanks Dave
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    Garage conversion

    Good morning all :D, I am about to move house and I will have a concrete sectional garage that I will convert into my workshop, I will insulate and board up the inside, my question is when I make up the timber frame out of 2x2 will I need to put on a vapour barrier, if so, should I put it on...
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    Sketchup Design Wanted

    Good day to one and all I need to draw a sketchup of a cupboard to house a washing machine on the right and some internal shelving on the left the size of the cupboard is 48" wide 27.5" deep and 36"high with 2 square styled frame and panel doors with a solid top How do I do this in sketchup as...
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    Job wanted

    Good evening everyone I am looking to see if anyone in west sussex or east sussex has a job vacancy in woodworking/cabinet making, I have completed a 2 year city and guilds course in cabinet making at newark college and looking for any type of work to enable me to keep on learning with a hands...
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    Just moved and looking for workshop space

    Hello to all, I have just moved from Lincoln to Worthing in West Sussex, are there any members around this area, also does anyone know where I can rent a small unit or any bench space for a hobbyist and looking forward to meeting everyone
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    Latest College Project

    A while ago I asked if anyone could help me with plans for a rocking chair but to no avail, so along with some others at college and a photo of a sam maloof chair we came up with a design and this is my rocking chair Rockers clamped in a homemade jig Rockers with extra pieces of timber glued...
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    Writing Slope Locks

    Hello everyone hope you can suggest where I can buy writing slope locks from, as you know Im a student at newark college and this years exam is a writing slope so I need to buy some locks Any suggestions would be greatful Many thanks Dave
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    Veneered Letters where from

    Can anyone tell me if and where I could get some letters veneered I am going to make a box for a 50th birthday present and would like the initials on the top of the box made out of veneer and put into a diamond shape Any ideas most welcome Many thanks Dave
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    Rocking Chair

    Hello all, does anyone have any plans to make a rocking chair I have an idea of what I want to make but would like infor on timber sizes and angles Many thanks in advance Dave :D